Shopping with Nazna and Headburro’s new Horses

Was nice to see Nazna as I hadn’t seen her around so much lately.  I stood for a while with her, ilona and Roach in Murray and then Naz disappeared and I thought she must have logged off.  I decided to go and look round the shops and when I got to the first one, I noticed that Naz was back on line, so asked her if she wanted to join me.  We looked around for a bit then ended up looking at some dresses for her.  She decided to get a pretty pink outfit and looked really cute in it.

                   Chatting in Murray with friends

                  Nazna\'s new outfit

We headed back to Murray and met Headburro, who said he had bought a new horse.  SL being what it was he couldn’t rez it in Murray so suggested going back to his island to see it.  We were joined by Ali, Naz and Drax for a short while and Head showed us the most unusual horse I’ve ever seen.  It was all mechanical with pistons and springs and things.

                   Me with Headburro, Drax, Nazna and Ali at HBA Island


Well the horse was great, but Naz soon got bored and started running around, couldn’t believe it when she captured Head’s crab Colin and actually rode on his back.  Wonder if there is a second life Guiness book of records, as she must surely be the first person to ride a crab!!


She got into further trouble as she chased after Head’s jaguar cat and I had to teleport her out of the jungle into safety.   Head decided he needed an ordinary horse as well, so we could all go riding, so we went off to the AKK ranch where he bought a beautiful Shire Horse (giant Enlish breed) who he is calling Frank.  Nazna also had a couple of horses in her inventory, so we all went riding together and it was great.

                       Riding in great open spaces in second life


                       Heading back towards Murray over the bridge

We had a lovely time, Nazna changing horses half way through and leaving me and my poor horse Colin trying to catch up as she was so fast.  Head seemed really pleased with Frank and they looked really good together.   Got back to Murray and had a chat with the people there, my horse Colin is even getting used to the griefing now, thought this particulare particle cloud was a very pretty colour though!!!

                         Back in Murray

                         Colin and me in purple cloud

Had a nice night and the horse riding is really fun, would be good to get a big group of us going out riding, its a good way to explore the sims in not too built up areas.





4 Responses to Shopping with Nazna and Headburro’s new Horses

  1. Janey, it was a great night! I always had my doubts about horses in SL, but the ones I’ve seen have all been on the old laptop and last night, on the new PC beast, they looked amazing! Wait til Pinks is back and see if we can get a few friends to all come out together. Maybe we can ride through Caledon – that is HUGE now!

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  3. Osprey says:

    Might be a good way to explore the new continent for clues when it comes online – cover ground at a resonable clip yet not be in a vehicle.

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes be great to explore new places on horseback, its a lot of fun and easy to get along compared to cars and things, plus the horses fly which is a bonus!!

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