Only in Murray where Maniacs meet!!!

I belong to a group called Murray Maniacs, which is a very fitting title really, as only in Murray would you get such an assortment of diverse characters, some good, some bad, some hysterically funny!!!  Drax and I headed over to Murray yesterday to see what was going on and no one was about.  It was a nice day so we stood by the sea there having a chat and whiling away the time.  As ever, though people started to gather and joined in the conversation.  Roach, Treasure and Cherish were there and people remarked on Roach and Drax’s hair being similar, its a nice hairstyle and suits both of them, its part of Roach’s Goth boy look and part of Drax’s Gorean role, very striking!

Wasn’t long before Nazna turned up, but surprised us all with her new av, I’m not too sure what it was, looked liked a bunny rabbit to me, but I could be wrong.

Meanwhile Roach had turned into the robot from Star Wars, shame I didn’t get a better picture, but thats him behind Drax’s leg.   Roach is a bit of a shapeshifter and suddenly turned into a bird, chasing after Naz.

Feathers flew all over the place as they chased about.  After things settled down Naz was joined by another friend and they danced together, the centre of attention in Murray.

Well the fireworks were starting so Drax and I decided to head for the shops and have a look round, great fun in Murray though, we loved it.


4 Responses to Only in Murray where Maniacs meet!!!

  1. Drax Ember says:

    What a wonderful time – I can’t remember laughing so hard at anything on SL as when Naz’ bunny was chasing R2D2 around – absolutely hilarious!!!!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    That was a funny sight, love to think what the newbies make of it all when they arrive, Roaches yellow bird was great as well the way he was displaying to Naz and his feathers were flying out!! Must learn how to make the little movies in sl, miss so much with stills 🙂

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