Poor Sad Constantine, Candidate and New Mate

Had a bit of trouble with Second Life again when I downloaded the new update, every time I tried to start SL after that, it offered me the new update again, so I wiped all the program from my system and started again!!!  I was on the ‘Dazzle’ viewer before, but now have ‘Candidate’ which looks very similary to ‘Windlight’, with nice pink hues for sunsets and reflections on the water and stuff, very pretty.  Took a picture of the crowd in Murray as we stood chatting just to try the colours out.

Went shopping with my pal who is having lots of problems with SL and her Mac computer, trouble is that when I saw her last she had managed to get a Demo Hair on her head, but has failed to buy the proper hairstyle, so is walking about with the Demo sign !!!  Think the hairstyle will look lovely on her once she sorts out her bugs with Mac.  Can’t wait to do some propper shopping with her as she needs a complete new SL wardrobe as well, what is it about us girls and shopping, just love it!!!

Over the last few days in Murray there has been a little av sitting in the teleport area.  Poor sad looking little thing that people have began to call ‘the ghost’ as he is there constantly without moving!!! As we all know any inactivity in SL gets you logged off after so many minutes, but poor little av Constantine’s keyboard person in real life must be constantly sitting there hoping to listen in on all the Murray gossip, how very bored they must be.  I expect they have heard a lot about shopping for new boots and hair over the last few days as thats the main topic with the girls.

Anyway I would ask anyone travelling to Murray, if poor little Constantine is still there, go and have a chat with him, as his owner must be really sad, lonely and without friends to have placed him there.  Cheer him up, suggest taking him shopping for new clothes and hair and stuff, sure he would like to hear all about that sort of thing, might give him a new lease of life, you could transform his life and make him the toast of SL!!! 


3 Responses to Poor Sad Constantine, Candidate and New Mate

  1. HBA says:

    I see the wee spy bot has vanished – maybe Minimax grow bored of their game? Or maybe there is another phose to come. Either way, it’s a crap game – dullards.

    As for the new viewrs – pants! Both the RC for windlight and the new normal viewer are rubbish! I feel a new viewer coming very soon with a large rolling restart!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes I crash quite a bit again since the the download, also if you try to record chat in the usual way in preferences and appy it, when you log out and come back in it hasn’t taken, I went to report the bug but that has changed so that you have to wade through loads of stuff, so I gave up hoping someone else will report it!

    As for Constantine, who knows and who cares, shame if he is just an av who got stuck, but don’t know why he just didn’t open another account as he was new anyway, if he was being used to spy, well thats entertaining and very funny, love these little Murray mysteries!!

  3. HBA says:

    Chat Logging: see Osprey’s blog – she is having exactly the same issue 😦

    As for Murray, I love the Minimax and Drama Queens attempts to create mystery more than the mystery they think they’ve created. For a good drama you have to keep at it, follow it up, add new things but never go to far – so far all their attempts have gone sounth after a couple of days max.

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