Nazna’s Tears and a Stranger Tries to Save Me

One thing I think all my friends can agree on is that Nazna can be a little pest.  Full of mischief and hitting newbies and oldies alike with her main weapon, a thing that looks innocent enough in her hands, looks for all the world like an orange that she is holding. Only when she points it as someone and fires you see that they get a whole drinks dispenser hurled at them knocking them half way across the sim.  Although this is very nasty it is quite funny to watch, I’m ashamed to say, as the avs’ normally try to come back and she just blasts them again!!!  The other day though, I logged on when she was having a row with someone in Murray, he couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t talk to him, and he started to say horrible things to her.  I was caught in the middle, she was whacking him with the coke machine and he ended up orbitting her.  Well he went off and Naz was really upset at the things he had said to her.  She does get hurt and although she is a little devil I hate to see her cry. 

We were joined by a couple of other avs’ and soon Nazna cheered up a little, we got the guitars out for a laugh, good on the av in the kilt, she even blasted him with the coke machine but he took it in good part and joined in.

Hope Naz was ok after that, but newbies and oldies beware if landing in Murray and you don’t know Naz, look out for the pretty little girl holding an orange out to you, you may get blasted into the ocean!!    I had wandered around the shops earlier and came across a little lady av who came up and starting chatting.

She wasn’t the normal stamp of a female in sl, but then I suppose what is?  She said to me ‘I am going to save you from sl’ and asked me what I was doing in the shop.  Well I told her that I was just looking round, hadn’t bought anything, and she started saying that I looked like I was buying ‘boobs’.  Well there wasn’t really an answer to that, I said no I wasn’t buying boobs and she said that sl was just for sex and perverts and things.  Well she picked on the wrong person, I told her about all the marvelous things in sl, art, writing, education, sports, culture and told her about all the groups to look at.  Halfway through she left, wonder why……………..

Finally got to put this picture in, was standing in Murray as per usual with the oh so glamerous girls, Cherish, Treasure and Captive, who always look beautiful and well turned out (and enjoy their shopping!!!)  When Roach, who had also been standing there, appeared to be a little tipsy and fell over.  He was dead drunk and looked such a funny sight.


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