Newbie Charmer

This little character came up to me in the Ahern meeting place today, and his line of chat made me laugh so much I thought I would share it with you!

16]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: Hi Janey

 [7:16]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: welcomne to my shop

 [7:16]  You: thanks

 [7:16]  You: how you doing?

[7:16]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: what would you like to order

 [7:16]  You: depends what you have

[7:16]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: May i suggest the cat sandwitch?

 [7:17]  You: hmmm prefer dog

 [7:17]  You: or hamster

 [7:17]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: dog.. lets see.. i have a hamster actually

 [7:17]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: it died of AIDS

 [7:17]  You: thats ok

 [7:17]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: do you mind?

[7:17]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: good.

 [7:17]  You: fit better in the sandwich

 [7:17]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: Any olives with that?

 [7:18]  You: no don’t like them

[7:18]  You: spoil the taste of the hamster

 [7:18]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: fine, tomato then?

 [7:18]  You: yes go on then

 [7:18]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: i grow tomatoes in my a..hole (edited for my discerning readers)

[7:18]  You: nice place for them

[7:18]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: you must harvest them

[7:18]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: dont be shy

 [7:18]  You: plenty of room

[7:18]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: just reach in and grab some

 [7:19]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: c’mon

 [7:19]  You: no thanks lol

 [7:19]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: havent got all day, bitch

[7:19]  You: hey whats with the name calling

 [7:19]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: juuust kidding

 [7:19]  You: well don’t kid

[7:19]  You: its rude

 [7:19]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: here is your aids hamster sandwich

[7:19]  You: thanks

 [7:20]  You: I’d get a better chat up line if I were you

 [7:20]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: why is that?

 [7:20]  You: well its not very good

 [7:20]  You: like hello how are you is a nice one

 [7:21]  You: gives you away as a newbie

[7:21]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: hi how are you. i dont believe in that stuff

 [7:21]  You: haha shame

[7:21]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: whats that

 [7:21]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: NORMAL CONVERSATION

[7:21]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: like my father said..

 [7:21]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: THE WEATHER ANYTHING HI HELLO!!

[7:21]  You: well it is a shame because lots of nice people here to talk to

 [7:21]  You: you will be lonely

 [7:22]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: or more interesting!

 [7:22]  You: well hope you enjoy sl whatever you do

 [7:22]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: Do you think bacon is salt?

 [7:22]  You: no its bacon

 [7:22]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: yes, i have a penis too

[7:22]  You: thanks for that, too much information though

 [7:23]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: stop making sense

[7:23]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: would you like to join my cult?

 [7:23]  You: haha

[7:23]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: The cult of bacon

 [7:23]  You: no not today thanks

 [7:24]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: You will be nr. 5.. and your secret membername will be.. Little miss daterape

 [7:24]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: sounds good?

[7:24]  You: hmmm don’t understand that and won’t even try

 [7:24]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: oh.. how do we get hair?

[7:24]  You: shops

 [7:24]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: in normal life i steal from the elderly.. but cant seem to do it here. not realistic enough!

 [7:25]  You: me too

 [7:25]  You: I know i can’t find any here either

 [7:25]  Fukkkarsio Taffler: we have no hair


He left me as he muttered on about no hair, think a complete make-over might be better than just hair, he went off to try to annoy some other poor avs in the distance, still I enjoyed the banter!!




3 Responses to Newbie Charmer

  1. HBA says:

    LOL – he’s not smart enough to have a cult. All 6 of them will end up sat on a bench in Ahern just swearing and laughing like Bevis and Butthead – that’s just dumb kids, not a cult.

    Pity… he had potential, but he really needs to take a lesson from Rev Elvis in Iron Fist in how to play the wierd card just right so that people follow him instead of yawn at him.

    Did you know that sewer outlet pipes are often teaming with healthy tomato plants? Heard that on Radio 4 so it must be true.

    p.s. How was the butty? Sounds delish!

  2. Roach says:

    didnt we have a similar conversation with someone the other night??same person me thinks!!

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    Fukkkarsio was out to shock and none of his jokes worked poor thing! Yes, heard that about tomatos, and in fact Rhubarb as well, hate to think how uncomfortable that must be for Fukkkarsio, bet he can’t sit down 😀

    Do you know Roach, you could be right!!! I can definately see a similarity there, same charming nature and even look a little alike!!!

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