Green Tea CNN and Giant Flying Cookie for Afters

CNN meeting was really relaxed the other night, as we listened to CCN’s journalist Nicole Ireport taking the floor, everyone drank green tea.  Headburro started it of course, being the laid back individual he is, he handed round the cups and soon we were steaming away!!!

I had posted a couple of stories and Nicole discussed those and Headburro’s fantastic write up about the ‘in world’ live performance he is appearing in ‘The Show Must go On’ this Saturday at 1pm SL time, see  Can’t wait to go along and see it, first time he will appear with Osprey and Enjah in their super show.  Come along and join the fun if you can, I’m sure you will love it.  We discussed the graffiti report I had done, and Nicole decided to go out for the second half of the meeting to find some graffiti in SL.  Head knew of a place where there was some, so we all teleported over to there.  However, unlike real life the owners of the sim keep the city tidy and it had all disappeared.  Still it was nice getting out and about.

After the meeting, Pinkie, Nicole and Head had to go back to real life, so I said goodnight to them.  I then got an invite from Nazna to join her in Murray.  Well when I arrived Naza and Treasure were sitting in a giant cookie spinning around.  I couldn’t see Treasure at first then saw that Naz was sitting on her, poor Treasure!!! Anyway I jumped on for the ride.

We were joined by Kamen and this cookie was completely out of control!!! It hurtled through the air, under the sea, along the land making a noise like a firecracker as it flipped from side to side, knocking anyone in the way to one side.  I asked Nazna if she was driving it and she said ‘no’ so we were at the cookie’s mercy!

Last thing I can remember is suddenly being sent into orbit, total re-log job, I can only imagine that someone we must have collided with must have got annoyed and fired a weapon at us, and who can blame them!!  Apologies to anyone who we may have hit, last time I take a ride on a biscuit, should have dipped it in my green tea instead!


4 Responses to Green Tea CNN and Giant Flying Cookie for Afters

  1. HBA says:

    It was an odd CNN meeting an no mistake – relaxed but disjointed. If I didn’t know better, I’d have said I was missing half of it :/

    Love Nazna’s cookie – but she is so naughty barging into people! No wonder you all got orbitted! 😀

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes that ride took the biscuit!!

  3. LOL! You shall be PUNished for that one, young lady!

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    crumbs hope not lol

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