Show Must Go On Success and Sadness at a Move

I’ve been looking forwards to seeing ‘The Show Must Go On’ all week, I’ve been to Osprey and Enjah’s shows before and they are always a good laugh, they put so much into it.  This time was a little different, however, Headburro was to be one of the main artists throughout the show, the first one he has done, and he took to it like a duck to water.  He took the part as a ventriloquist’s dummy at one stage and it was hilarious, he also had main parts in other sketches and even showed us his bum at one stage, a sight I thought I’d never see!!!  Great show everyone and great debut Head, may there be many more appearances to follow.

At the end of the show we all joined in the dancing, as we allowed our avs to be animated, and we whirled around like mad things.  Well just my luck, I picked to stop dancing when it was all over and still whirled around like a nutcase.  Picked ‘stop all animations’ from the menu and appeared to stop dancing on my screen and stood there talking to Head and Nazna.  However, Head said ‘Janey has gone mad’ and Naz told me that I looked really silly whirling round, so I can only assume that to them I was still throwing myself about like a nut case on thier screens, thanks SL!!!  Anyway I apologise to them as I did not mean to be such a spectacle!!

You can never tell what is going to happen in Second Life as people change things around and move on.  Drax got a message saying that the nice house he was renting was being taken down as the owners were moving to another sim, all this, with only a couple of days notice.   It is such a shame as the house was really nice, spacious inside and very pretty from the outside.  I had looked on it as my second home and had a few bits and pieces round there to pick up.  I did feel sad going there after the show and seeing it for the last time, got quite attached to the place.  



5 Responses to Show Must Go On Success and Sadness at a Move

  1. HBA says:

    LOL – I certainly wasn’t a main artist, just a filler-in 🙂 but I’m so glad you enjoyed the show. I can tell you, it’s WAAAAY different being behind the scenes than out front – blimey!! Group IMS galore, rushing around like madmen, in and out of costumes, rushing from one place to the next… jeez! I was knackered afterwards, but I loved it!

    Sorry to hear about the move – hope Drax find somewhere as nice soon (did Drax make it to the show?)

    As for the dancing thing, it had poor Pinks too – she saw herself as still, but she was dancing like a loon to everyone else – it took a myatitool Ani Stop to fix it (I fid the menu Ani Stop not very good)

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes Show was great!! You and the others must have worked so very hard to put it all together. Drax did come along and enjoyed himself as well! Thats the trouble with SL you can think you are just standing there looking ok and find you are bald, dancing or wearing a completely grey outfit to everyone else. That must have been a nightmare with the costume changes that they would all rez in in time!! All turned out great though, so well done 🙂

  3. HBA says:

    It’s hard when in the act to know who has come – all scanners and the like are verboten of course and your focus is soooo limited to the stage that it’s hard to recall ever noticing the audience at all 😦

    To help with costume and shape changes, we ‘wear everything’ before the show – this loads the textures into cache and makes it faster, although only for us of course. The other think to do is attach all attachments and run all gestures and animations so they run quickly when needed.

    Behind the scenes is amazing to watch – we are not allowed to talk out loud (as the auidience would hear) so us a combo of group IM and individual IM (group IMs often fail under lag). Os has by far and away the hardest job wrnagling it all – loading and playing music, opening and shutting the curtains, group IMing to ensure acts are lined up and ready. Poor bugger is knackered afetrwards – she need a stage manager who just does the music and curtains, etc.

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    I thought it might be hard work, but never guessed how hard!!! Osprey is truly a wonderful person, I don’t know how she does it all. My hats off to you all!! Think if I were up there I would rather not see the audience at all, as I would be more nervous, but think you have shown another great talent and should keep it up, lots of people turned up this time and I know at Murray yesterday there were others who wished they had been able to make it there 🙂

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