Meeting at CNN and Griefer Report

We had our usual Tuesday meeting at the CNN Future site yesterday and as you can see by the photo it wasn’t overly crowded, but was a lively debate, which took Nicole, who was taking it, away from her planned agenda.  I mostly listened yesterday and it seems some of the people who had seemed to withdraw from the whole thing a bit were taking an interest again, which is great.  Think Nicole does a fine job keeping up with everyone as the topics bounce around from one thing to another as everyone has their say.

Strange thing is that I had taken some photos a couple of weeks ago showing Murray being griefed, as it was a really bad day and the griefer did what he or she must have thought was a good job at spoiling things for everyone else.  I had intended to do an ireport about it but thought I would wait till this week.  Anyway, last night Nicole was asking why people carried out griefing so I thought I would type up my report and submit it today.  I am delighted to say that they have put it on their main news again and you can see it at;jsessionid=D9D2CABA6C8BC3ACE5FE351BD7054BA2


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