Naughty Auties Fantastic Island Growth and Back to Murray

Met the lovely Rubi Hawker, Dave Sparrow’s SL Secretary in Murray, and she was telling me about how great Dave’s Naughty Auties Island looks now it has been expanded.  Dave had told me about it being finished a couple of days ago and I had meant to pop over.  So I went with Rubi to have a look, and wow, what I saw really pleased me.  The Island is twice the size it used to be and looks absolutely fantastic, so much room to move about and all very tastefully laid out.

One great idea, is that Dave has put in a library and he wants people to write their own stories to put in there, anyone at all can include a piece of their work and put down thier own thoughts and ideas as well as fiction if they feel like it.  So come on all you would be authors, poets and article writers get your keyboards whizzing!!!

There is a whole section of the beach for a ‘silent area’ where voice is not allowed.  It has a nice restful atmosphere about it and is complete with a little bar to get a relaxing drink and chill out.

A large pool has been installed for bathers, and of course, there is the 1L$ shop where you can get some real cool stuff for such a very low price.  Rubi told me that Malachi Rothschild helped Dave a lot by writing all the the notecards out, as well as helping Dave pick the furniture to set the place up, great that Dave is getting so much assistance from some wonderful people.  The Nauties group did encounter more trouble from griefers though, when they tried to hold a meeting on Sunday, shame on these nasty, spiteful people, they have been reported, and I think the Lindens should come down hard on them.  You can only wonder what goes on in the griefers’ heads, not a lot I would assume.

It was really nice looking round and I can recommend the Naughty Auties Haven at Chrystal Isle as a really nice relaxing place to hang out.   I headed back to Murray and Rubi joined us.  We stood chatting and Drax took centre stage by telling jokes, think he and Head are naturals for the stage, not sure though, whether some of Drax’s jokes may have come out of Gorean Christmas Crackers!!! made me laugh anyway!


4 Responses to Naughty Auties Fantastic Island Growth and Back to Murray

  1. Maybe Drax would do 2 or 3 minutes of stand-up comedy ;D

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Think you would have to ask Drax that Osprey, 😀 he has lots of hidden talents!!

  3. drax ember says:

    Hmmm 3 minutes of a stand-up routine from will seem like hours for the poor audience!!!!

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    No!!! think they would all love you, its the way you tell em!!! hmmm think I would have to keep an eye on the lady avs’ hanging around the stage door though!

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