Dead Drunk and Cadging Bears from Lindens

Met Roach and Pinkie in Murray and they were discussing music, Roach is an awesome rock band member in real life and Pinkie is a fantastic poet.  Roach asked Pinkie for some of her poems and next think he has put one to music and sang to me and Pinkie over voice.  How cool!! he has a great voice and the song was really good, think we may have a new composing team here, hope they keep on with it.  Pinkie had to leave and a newbie arrived who was trying to wear a pair of trainers without first opening the box, so he ended wearing the box all the time.  Roach took him to one side and showed him how to open the box and wear the trainers, oh I remember those days!!! the boxes I put on by mistake, haha!  After the newbie left I gave Roach a can Budweiser and we had a drink.  We then got on to the Jack Daniels Whiskey and were falling about  drunk, bit shameful for the middle of the day!!

Don’t think Nic who came along was very impressed as I staggered in front of her.  Next think Roach had taken a nose dive as well!!  We thought it was funny though!

Later on when I joined the crowd in Murray it looked like a few of them were in the same state, we all sat down for a chat, even the griefers seemed to be leaving us alone for a change. 

I joined Pinkie later to look at the new garden that she is making.  Headburro popped over and said there was a Charity event in ‘Dreams’ where a large number of Lindens had gathered to be dunked in water for the charity.   Well we all went over for a look.   The Lindens took turns to sit above the tanks of water while the crowd threw balls at them to topple them into the water.  The crowd were good shots and they all got a dunking.

When I was at the SL congress meeting I had been surrounded my Lindens and missed my chance of asking them for teddy bears (which they are supposed to carry to give to people, so I’d heard).  Well not to be outdone again I stood and IM as many as I could asking them if they minded giving me a bear.  I am delighted to say that they all got back to me, and what a nice bunch of people they were.  Most of them gave me a bear and the two that didn’t said they hadn’t got round to finishing their bears off yet and they would send them on to me.   I have quite a few bears now and I’ll get back ‘in world’ to rez them into view and take a shot for the next blog.


4 Responses to Dead Drunk and Cadging Bears from Lindens

  1. LOL – it was a great night and they were good sports. I must ask Osprey more about it (once she is less busy). I got Blue’s bear, but I didn’t ask the others 🙂

  2. drax ember says:

    I didn’t know anything about the bears? How cool!

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    I had heard they are supposed to each have one, just thought I would be cheeky and ask them!!

  4. […] p.s. You can read more about this night on Janey’s blog here. […]

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