Mysterious HBA Disappearance and Rude Guy

Strange things happen in Second Life and yesterday was the strangest yet.  I had a call from a pal Ryne (a very close acquaintance of Headburro Antfarm, my buddy) telling me that the sim Head was at had crashed taking Head with it and leaving him high and dry.  Head was no longer able to log back into SL and was stuck half ‘in world’ and half out.   The funny thing is that you could see him as a green dot on the map, spot his exact location, but not actually view him.  I flew over and had a look.

I have my radar which displayed his name as being within feet of me, but there was no Headburro hovering there, how odd!!  By chance I bumped into Osprey who was doing the same as me, looking for Head.  She thought that she might be able to bump him back into the system as well.

Nothing seemed to work though.  I met Ryne later and he too had a look, hopefully the Lindens will be able to sort Head out, as he has sent a bug report in.

 Had quite a large gathering at Murray the other night and we heard someong taking lots of pictures.  Turned out to be Nazna and what a good photographer she turned out to be.   I had not known it, but she took pictures of me, Captive and Treasure, putting them on giant posters by the group.

Captive looked very glamerous with her platinum hair and red dress.  Well next thing a guy teleported into the area and went straight up to her and said ‘yo bitch’.  Captive stood for a moment speachless and then said ‘you calling me a bitch?’  He went on to be very insulting and rude and I can’t go into his comments here for obvious reasons.  He was being flash and none of us were impressed, the guys were getting angry and Gil challenged him to go over to the scripted area of Murray to sort him out, but he ignored Gil, being the coward that he was.  I had a bit of a go telling him that no one wanted him here with that attitude and the guys gathered round him showing their support for Captive.  He gave up in the end and left, not the best way to make friends is it!!!

Finally heres just a couple of pictures of the bears I got from the Lindens the other day.  I collected quite a few and they are all really nice.


7 Responses to Mysterious HBA Disappearance and Rude Guy

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Love the bears! Was one of them curling????? I didn’t know that was an SL sport!!! I love it!!! Something tells me that the guy hassling Cap was a Gangsta wannabe and trying to play the role to the hilt. Too bad. It gives us real Gangsta’s a bad name! *grins*

    Hope Head has fully recovered – have never heard of that type of Limbo!!!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Think you may be right, he did think he was real tough!!! not as tough as me you understand 🙂 He looked great until he opened his mouth, still, if he wants to dis people its up to him, got a feeling real gangsta’s like you would treat their women real cool!!!!

    Yes that little bear is curling, Kate Linden made that one, its lovely. The other little one in the plane you can wear and it flies above you. Head was still in Limbo first thing, don’t know if they have sorted him yet, he was stuck in the bit that says still in the logging off process, scary stuff!!

  3. HBA says:

    Nope – I’m still stuck – 48 hours now and they (Linden Lab) still haven’t even opened my error ticket. I emailed Ryne and he popped over to both Phobos and then Murray, but no joy as he said he could see me on the map but not in the air.

    Osprey said I may get freed once the sim has a restart – I hope that is soon or it may be time to actually make an… gasp… ALT!!!

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Looks like you are cooking again!!! doesn’t show you as logged in anymore, so lets hope you are back 😀

  5. HBA says:

    Yup – I have checked the SL support site and it shows the issue as cleared – still a couple of hours of work left though so I don’t know if I’ve lost my backpack or bent a horn or something… 😦

  6. Janey Bracken says:

    keep my fingers crossed that you are in one piece, can’ have you walking about with bent horns 🙂

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