Cher’s Murray Rehab, CNN Pancake and Great Bike

I do things on impulse quite a lot and usually they work out ok, but when I was looking for virtual land I did look round for a while before deciding.  I cannot say the same for my pal Cherish, I went with him to look at a piece of land and within a minute he had bought it!!!  Was a good choice though, is a beach front property and very nice location.  I could see how excited he was and I left him as he started to build stuff there.  When I came back the next day I was met by a completely different landscape complete with trees, grass, campsites and a lovely furnished house.  He has called it Murray Rehab and wants all his friends to hang out there as a change from the sometimes chaotic Murray.  Congratulations Cher on your first home, its super.

Murray is the same mad place, I decided to see what I have in my inventory and found a giant Hamster wheel, God only knows why I would have bought that, must have been at the Budweiser again before I went shopping.  Anyway, Stef was game and ran round in the wheel while me and Roach sat down to watch.

Great builder and scripter Alphonso arrived and gave us all free motorbikes, best thing ever, all different colour ones and they really get some speed up, I really loved zooming up and down Murray, even if I did land in the sea and couldn’t move at one stage.

And finally it was an odd CNN meeting tonight, all about food in SL for the first half.  Well I handed cans of Budweisers round to everyone there.  Only thing is I didn’t warn them that after three swigs they would stagger and fall over, oh dear!!!   Someone bought a giant pancake along so there was plenty of food to go round.

Best news of all though, is that my mate Headburro Antfarm is back and well.  He was stuck in one of SL’s strange half in and half out logging bugs and could not log back on.  Well wonderful Lindens have sorted it and he even made it to the CNN meeting to share the giant pancake!!!



4 Responses to Cher’s Murray Rehab, CNN Pancake and Great Bike

  1. HBA says:

    The CNN meeting was as wonderfully bizarre as ever. Did we get homework? Wasn’t it a food place review?

    Thos bikes look amazing – trust Alp to make something fast and deadly like that 🙂 Have you seen his big spaceship (so to speak)?

    Sigh… I may be back in world, but I’ve not had chance to do much (although I spent a lovely evening last night wth another gazelle!!!)

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes meetings sure are crazy, felt a bit guilty giving out the Budweiser, wonder how many took out a can and fell over after three sips!!! hope they weren’t in mixed company 😀

    Bike is fantastic, even I can drive it fairly straight and thats unusual for me, you get a real feeling of speed as well, Alph says our friends can buy them on SLex thingy for only 10lindens, never sure how you do that though.

    So I would say you are a dark horse, but being you are a gazelle I am saying you are a dark gazelle!! who is this other gazelle who you have met, do tell….

  3. HBA says:

    LOL – no naughty gossip, I’m afraid – just someone else of the horned variety. Although she is a Satyr, she has also been a gazelle at one point so we hung out and talked for ages – twas lovely! Check my latest flickrs – I’ll try and blog about it tonight.

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Ok will check it out, she sounds very unusual 🙂

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