Nazna’s little temple and Colourful Murray

Met Nazna and noticed a sparkling ring on her middle finger, caught the light really prettily.  I asked her about it and she suddenly rezzed a little temple into view with a couple of places to sit inside it.  So we both sat for a chat.  She said that the ring controlled the temple and she showed me as it burst into pink lights all around us.

The temple was beautifully built and had pictures of Naz and the builder on the roof.  She told me it was a boy she had just met and he had built it especially for her.  She seemed to like her new friend very much, she is such a sweetie, hope they get along very well together, looks like they had a nice time dancing anyway.

It was nice meeting the gang in Murray last night, Natok was testing one of his inventions and waiting for someone to try it out.  He had a box in the middle of the group and anyone sitting on it would have been zoomed away somewhere.  Dayvid being a good sport had a go, and was sent flying, ending up in the water.  Drax joined the group and was wise enough not to touch the box as I had warned him ages ago about things in Murray.   A newbie who came over with a gun wasn’t so lucky though, one touch and he was gone, he never did get a chance to fire at us!!  Think it was Dayvid then who set off some colourful lights all round us, then some bubble particles as well appeared. 

Haven’t a clue what that white round thing was around Kamen though, but next thing he released some oil drums all over the place, so things were getting a little bit crazy.  Drax and I decided to leave for somewhere more peaceful.  Good old Murray, never quite for long!!!





4 Responses to Nazna’s little temple and Colourful Murray

  1. HBA says:

    I saw Naza in that lovely construction and she mentioned the young metal fox gentleman in question but I was, as usual, racing off somewhere (I think it was RL – maybe The Boy or work) so didn’t get chance to ask more – I’m a baaad friend 😦

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Of course you aren’t a bad friend, poor Naz, the last couple of times I’ve seen her I’ve had to rush off as well, SL getting as hectic as RL lately!!! Never mind we will all catch up with each other for a chat soon 🙂

  3. HBA says:

    We really must go horse riding soon – in fact I want my next road trip sections to be on horseback (may car is over the water, remember 😉 ) so are you up for a ride this weekend? When would you be free for an evening?

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Should be in world tomorrow evening, Colin could do with another trip out!!! or another night in the week if you can’t make that 🙂

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