Gossip Girl Boot and Nice Time at Cher’s

Sometimes I like to go back and visit some of the places I have written stories about, bumping into the people I had met before and seeing how they are getting on. Well yesterday I thought I would go back to the Warner Bros sim for Gossip Girl, as they had always been friendly and they put on quite a few events for the residents there.  Well I could see something was going on in the park so went round there.  I had my horse Colin with me and thought I nice trot through the park would be ok.  Suddenly without by or leave I got a warning message saying I was being ejected.  A few seconds later me and poor old Colin had been booted out of the area.  I was both shocked and horrified at the rudeness of this very publicity seeking site and sent an IM to the lady in charge.

I asked her why I had been booted and she said that they were filming and they could not contact all the hundreds of people to tell them.  Well I had looked on the map and besides the few in the park area there were hardly any people in the sim, how inpolite of them just to throw up the area ban without a word to people.   I told her I thought it was bad policey for Warner Bros, but hey, I’m only a passer-by, may have been a fan of Gossip Girl, but she will never know.  I certainly won’t be covering any more of their stories for CNN and thats for sure!!!  Unless I report on this one……maybe!!!!

(P.S.) Thought it would make an interesting CNN story after all, catch it on http://www.ireport.com/people/JaneyBracken

Went home to reflect and chilled out for a while, silly to get annoyed over peoples’ bad manners I know, but you would think sometimes people would know that its only because of the public that these shows exist.

Later on Cher, the proud new owner of virtual land, had a few friends round in the new garden area he had built. It was great, we all sat chatting and drinking into the early hours and it was a really nice atmosphere. Love Cappy’s red hair by the way, real vibrant colour, really nice.

Someone had popped into Murray and said it was empty, wonder if they missed us!!!



4 Responses to Gossip Girl Boot and Nice Time at Cher’s

  1. HBA says:

    Murray misses no one – one the whole the folks there are too busy being bitchy to notice anything but their own egos. There are notable exceptions, of course, but not many. It’s never been a nice place, well not for a long time and even then you had to take it with a heap of salt. It’s like Big Brother – can be fun to dip into, but full of people you’d never invite into your home and it leaves you feeling stragely empty.

    We’ve been through the crap of the Hird Mystery Thatre, the Minimax bully-fest, the Drama Queens bizarre RL/SL mashup and now we are in the Bitchfest stage. And Team Minimax are back by proxy, too. Fuck em mate. Not worth the steam off my piss I say.

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Nicley put Head!!! They say know who your friends are, but more important to know who your enemies are and I have just found mine out big time!!! When they start laying into my friends for nothing at all that is the end of things for me. It’s spiteful and its nasty and totally uncalled for.

  3. HBA says:

    Aye well, that’s their way. I dislike them as much as they do me but, like Big Brother, it is amusing in short bursts. They really are no loss at all to your life – look at it as decluttering… or better yet, spring cleaning the guest room en suite 🙂

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Yep, left a few IMs today, so they can make what they want to of it. Me, I know who my friends are, so will forget it now.

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