Head’s new av’s and Dee Dee joins Cher

I had decided to write my story for CNN about getting booted out of the GossipGirl sim, as I think the film crew should remember there are people behind the keyboards, not just avs that should be ejected if they are in the wrong place.   I had many irate fans having a go at me, but I like to hear their comments, its what writing is all about, to get peoples points of view.  One fan was speaking straight from the heart, so much so that I assumed she worked for Warner Bros and answered her as if she represented them.  I really thought it was funny when I found out that she was a fan.  You can’t knock her loyalty to the show she loves though.  Amazing the amount of them that assumed that I got an apology, when in fact I didn’t, only a tetchy excuses for their actions in the IM they sent me at the time when I contacted them, no reference to me being evicted in the IM, no sorry at all.

StormyWest from Gossipgirl did try to put things right in the comments, so hats off to Stormy, for at least trying to resolve issues.  Anyway, Gossipgirl fans enjoy the show and the sim, but don’t put up with rude treatment from the crew there, you are paying their wages remember, by following the show, so they should have respect for you.

My mate Headburro has been buying some avs’ lately and me and Pinkie had a preview, didn’t like the ant much, looked creepy and real, but the bee was cuddly and the turtle cute.  Head is practicing hard for the new show, he is really getting into it and is doing really well.  Will he still talk to me and Pinkie when he is a big star, we hope so!!

Went over to Cher’s to meet her new dog Dee Dee, who is a very tough looking little hound, but cute as well.  Cher told me that Dee Dee can attack people at command and next thing the dog was chasing and snarling after Cher, as she showed me what the dog could do.  Pinkie has a dog as well and they are really lifelike, think Cher made a good choice with Dee Dee, just as Pinkie did with Charlie, she is really nice.

Met up with Drax later and we went out for a coffee, found a nice little coffee shop overlooking the ocean, it was a lovely evening and we sat and enjoyed the view.



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