SL Animals are Amazing!! Spaceships too!!!

Saw some more awesome sights in Murray again the other day, Alphonso Pidgeon, a great builder and scripter of the group Genius Inc bought another great spaceship over to show us, really impressive as well!!  Headburro and Stef, at the same time were trying out some new avs, as you can see Head is some sort of hermit crab (I think!!) and Stef turned into a colourful mushroom, the other hooded little av was equally as interesting.

Just as there are some nasty people who travel to Murray there are some really nice ones too, luckily most of them are nice and go there for a bit of a chat and some fun.

I headed over to see Pinkie and Charlie her dog.  Headburro, Ruskin and Treasure joined us and for some reason Charlie took a dislike to Head and started chasing him round the sim, growling and snarling.  Head was sensible and took flight.  Got a feeling Pinkie (Destroyer) Delcon, Charlie’s beloved owner may have given Charlie the nod!!! poor Head!!! 

Well, bored with chasing Head, Charlie thought he would sit right in front of me giving me the evil eye, I thought I might be next on his list of victims, those teeth looked really sharp.

Think Charlie was being friendly, he didn’t attack but just stared!!! Thought I’d better move slowly away, saw Treasure’s little dog hanging onto her leg, (dirty little dog!!) so thought Charlie might get ideas too!!

I had an invite from Zephyr who owns the Lone Star Ranch (where I got my horse Colin), to go over and see the re-vamped ranch.  I have accepted Zephyr’s kind invitation and hope to meet him there in the near future, but decided to have a quick look today.  He has a lovely selection of horses and I met a little foal on the way in who was really sweet.

I decided to get the Lone Star Demo horse out, she is a beautiful dappled grey horse, and go for a ride around Murray.   Certainly a nice ride and a lovely looking horse, nice temprement too, have to keep quite though, as Colin may get jealous!!!




5 Responses to SL Animals are Amazing!! Spaceships too!!!

  1. Grrr – ruddy Pinkie – she is always setting Charlie on me! Must remember to set Spot on her next time she visits my place!

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Blimey!!! looks like you two are at it again!!! could get nasty, wouldn’t like to be there when Spot and Pinkie battle it out, got a feeling that Pinkie might win!!!

  3. HBA says:

    Grrrr – I’ll get Tiddles and his cousin Snapper on the case!

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    OOOUUCH!! Your Island will be awash with blood!!! what will you do if it attracts Tiddles’ relatives? they will skin us all alive!!

  5. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Got to admit Head it was funny. I needed a laugh.

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