New Horse and Good time at Ruskin’s

Funny thing, when you write a ‘citizens’ report for CNN, you can never tell how popular the story will be in respect of hits.  The counter on the CNN pages has a bug and many more hits are coming in than showing, in fact the latest story I did on the Second life Police, the PDSL, has actually got over 20,000 hits (on the reckoning of what the CNN staff told me before about the counter) and I am amazed that it has attracted so much attention.  CNN have actually put it on the proper CNN main news page now as well, so I suppose lots of people are interested in the Police side of things in Second Life.  It’s true what journalist Nicole Ireport told us at the meeting this week, that we are recording the history of Second Life and it’s quite a nice feeling to think in years to come they will look back on the way we lived ‘in world’ and think how primitive things were.  It’s very exciting to think what 3D technology will be like in even 5 years!!

I’d had a lovely time looking round Zephyr Pennell’s Lone Star Ranch yesterday (my horse Colin’s birthplace) and because of my devotion to Colin, Zephyr has given me a beautiful black stallion to ride.  He is truely elegant and I have named him Derrick (full name Derrick Trotter Bracken).

I’d been riding Colin on the hills above Murray yesterday, as there is a lot of open space there for horses.  I sat on Colin as I answered all my outstanding IM messages.  Suddenly in the distance someone put up a giant poster with ‘Noobs’ written on it, with a ban sign across it.  Hope none of the poor newbies arrived and saw it, not a good start to their first day in  Second Life, how unfriendly that anyone would go to the trouble of making it anyway!!!

Later in the evening Pinkie and I got an invite over to Ruskin’s place, where we were joined by Treasure, Stef and Gunter on Ruksin’s glitzy new dancefloor high in a tree. 

It was a great evening and we danced around till the early hours having a brilliant time, the colour particles were fantastic and it was really nice to be with such good friends.


2 Responses to New Horse and Good time at Ruskin’s

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    Great dance floor, great idea, well done Ruskin.

  2. HBA says:

    LOL – looks like a great place to party! Back when I had lots of parties at my place, I have a wild bucking bull ride on a platform out to sea – Luna held the record forever on that thing!

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