Bay City, Exploring the Asylum, creepy!!

Love joining Headburro on his travels,  he invited me over to look at the new SL sim, Bay City.  He was riding Frank his shire horse, so I took Derrick, my new horse, as well.

We travelled round a little when we came across an ominous looking building and saw that it was an asylum.  We decided to leave the horses outside as we approached the entrance.  We met a girl called Teagan at the door, who was also exploring.  She turned out to be Teagan Linden, and she joined us to look around.

Teagan had already seen quite a bit and told me that she had taken lots of photos.  She told us to turn up our sound so we could hear the haunting whisperings and childrens’ voices in the wards, it was really creepy.

I split up from Head and Teagan and had a look at the padded cell, which had a blood stained mattress and insane scribbles on the wall, sent the shivers through me and thats for sure.  I then found the others in a room which had some sort of drainage system going on, the sound of the water echoing round the room made it seem even more depressing and you could really feel the heavy atmosphere of the place.

Teagan said goodbye, and we were joined by Pinkie, who had a good look round with us.  It is well worth a visit, watch they don’t find out you are a Murray Maniac though, and keep you locked in, think we came close!!!

Outside in the fresh air again and nice to see the sun after such a gloomy, creepy place!!  Nice to meet you as well Teagan, don’t forget my teddy bear, can’t wait to see what style you will make 🙂


11 Responses to Bay City, Exploring the Asylum, creepy!!

  1. HBA says:

    It was a great night – we wil have to go back and explore some more of the city very soon. Not sure if I’m bothering with the CNN meeting to be honest so I can use that time to free up a slot for exploring with you again 🙂

    God. I sound as busy in SL as in RL. Sheesh.

  2. HBA says:

    oooo – here are my shots of the night, but I’ve not got around to tagging and blogging them yet.

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    Great shots Head, you are soooo good at photography, I just haven’t got the knack, camera seems to jump around all over the place for me, plus I haven’t got the patience like you have, well worth you taking your time though, they are brilliant pictures.

    I will go to the CNN meeting if I can, as I do like to see what happens week by week and who says what. We will still go exploring when you have another free slot as I know you are rehearsing very hard for TSMGO.

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Oh forgot Head perhaps you can help me to do a bug report, Linden Labs have made it virtually impossible for brain dead people like me to struggle through their swamp of webpages just to report a simple bug. I know they must have lots of people reporting, but I’ve even considered living with this particular weird thing because each time I’ve looked at the instructions I’ve become totally bogged down, even reading Torley Linden’s instructions didn’t help. Perhaps if you did a simple guide for us all it would be a great seller, I would buy it for sure!!!! Can only think that LL don’t want to hear from us at all in this department, if any of them are reading this perhaps they could IM me!!!!

  5. If you mean the camera jumping about, i find that happens when I click on something like a tree, someone’s prim/flexi hair or an invisible thing like a shield. Try a CTRL-ALT-T to see what you are clicking on and stay away from try branches and leaves – horrible things for the camera.

    Other than that, you could search on the JIAR (the online bug reporting system) for similar problems. I think torley has a quick tip to using the JIAR…

  6. Janey Bracken says:

    No that wasn’t my bug, its the twists in my inventory prims like the horses tail. I did look at Torley’s tutorial and still lost the will to live, all I want is a box to write in like they used to have, just me, I can’t be bothered to wade through tons of stuff, mind you I heard someone else saying about it as well, so I’m not alone, people will just live with thier problems the way they have set things up. Maybe someone has thrown a script at me, who knows, some strange logic going on at the moment.

  7. HBA says:

    Hmmm, not sure about a script – but then as i could see the odd knot I don’t know. If we meet up tonight, I can take a few snaps of them and see if I am seeing them the same as you.

    Have a look on the forums and see if anyone else is having the same issue. How bizarre.

  8. […] Head on over to Bay City yourself and take a look around before the auctions kick in. Meanwhile read more about Bay City on the SL Forums here and for Janey’s report on the trip to the asylum, visit her blog here. […]

  9. Teagan Linden says:

    What a fun adventure! I have since discovered, if you jump down the drain in the back of Ward 6, and walk over to the corner, you can get into the basement of the asylum.

  10. Janey Bracken says:

    Oooh looks like I will have to go back and have another look!!! was fun that day and the place is really spooky, expect the basement will be even worse!!!

  11. Yup!I feel another trip coming on!

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