Tree of Second Life and Begger of the Week

As I arrived in Murray I spotted an unusual sight.  There hovering in the sky was a magical tree, quite beautiful and intriguing looking. 

I recognized the name of the av on the tree, it was Thirdeye who had built Nazna’s temple for her.  He asked me to come up and sit with him and there was also another av called henry already there.  It was really a cool place to sit, peaceful and nice sitting looking over Murray and out to sea.

Captive had joined us and then Rubi popped on and we tried out the various sitting poses that Thirdeye had installed there.

Thirdeye rearanged the poseballs as we tried them.  The girls looked great, Rubi had a new outfit from my favourite shop BareRose and looked fantastic.  Captive looked very sexy and stunning in a daring paw print outfit.  Henry, for some reason had turned into a dustbin av, he did keep changing though, into some interesting shapes.

I tried one of the poseballs near the bottom of the tree and found it was for meditating.  Made me think really, it would be a nice idea to buy one of Thirdeye’s magic trees to travel through Second Life with, as you could find some of the more beautiful sims to sit in the sky and just chill, even take a friend ….

I had been shopping again yesterday, chatting to newbies and helping them with some stuff, then out of the blue someone IM’d me.  One of the things that happens quite a lot while I’m out and about, someone thinks they can go begging to get their money, true twisted logic, you earn it and they spend it, pure thick skinned cheek.  I frequently give money to newbies, but no way to these leeches.  Anyway thought it might be a laugh to print the different techniques and chat they use to try to cadge peoples money from them.  Here is the dialog from the one yesterday:

[2008/05/12 8:20]  Jason : Hey whats up… I made a noob mistake I was cleaning out my inventory to get rid of the freebie stuff I use to own and then deleted my only pair of black boots I contacted the owner and they said they cant do refund… all I have is 148L left can you please spot me 258L so I can get my only pair of boots that I want back? Again, I feel like such a bum asking but Im sooooo pissed right now.
[2008/05/12 8:21]  Janey Bracken: well yes one thing we both agree on is that all beggers are bums, so bog off somewhere else and find another mug
[2008/05/12 8:24]  Janey Bracken: by the way I’m doing a begger collection of notes for publication and yours has been added with your name

I haven’t printed your second name Jason, hoping you might be ashamed and change your ways, If I see you doing it again though, I’ll print it and get your picture as well!!!!


One Response to Tree of Second Life and Begger of the Week

  1. LOL – the cheek of the lad! And what a crappy tale of woe! Almost as unbeliveable as, oooo, say a helicopter accident… 😉

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