Second Life in a Twist

Couple of week ago I put on my favourite coat which has a long skirt.  I looked, and looked again, as all the pieces that made up the skirt appeared twisted.  I went into ‘edit’ mode and spotted that the tag under ‘Object’ had numbers in it under ‘Twist end’ box ‘Y’ that shouldn’t have been there.  I reduced this to zero and the coat was ok again.  Thought it was a ‘one of’ until I saw my horse had a twist in its tail and also my hair started to twist, see pic.

I thought it only affected me and thought I would report it as a bug, but could not make hide nor hare of their new bug reporting system, especially designed to stop people reporting bugs!!!!  I did find a reference to these twists someone else had managed to report, and saw that it had not been designated for any action, so looks like I will still go on just untwisting my stuff.  Been out and about since and seen people with the same twists in their clothes, so looks like it is spreading, will tell them as I go, see if they want to correct it themselves.   Lets hope someone wades through the bug report process before everyone in SL is twisted beyond recognition!!!!


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