Floating in Murray waters and Dragons

I could see quite a few people on my radar system as I landed in Murray, but could not see them on the usual grassy places that we stand and chat.  I went over to the sea and there they were, bobbing about in the ocean in rubber tubes.  They ushered me to join them and next thing I chilled as I floated around with the others.

Cher arrived and thought she would jump in the sea to join us, but must have slipped as next thing she appeared to be drowning, all a bit worrying!!  Good job it was Second Life and everyone can breath under water, she made it to the shore again and looked ok.

 Dayvid, who is normally a mischievious little boy av, arrived on the shoreline as a great big spider av, not a pretty site! and watched us as we paddled about.  Next thing he changed into a black rat and jumped across landing in my lap, what a heavy rat he was too, we both nearly ended up in the water.  Not a well mannered rat either as he bit me several times trying to get me to move over to make room for him.  He spotted Pinkie and leapt across to her, biting her as well to get her to move over.  So Dayvid is just as mischievious as a rat as well!!

Dayvid, after such naughty behaviour, went on his way leaving the rest of us to chill in the warmth of the sun, it was an unusual thing for us to do in Murray but it was great, made a nice evening.  After getting my hair wet that evening, I went shopping and managed to get my hair, same style, but tied in a knot at the back of my head for a change, so I can swap about if I want to and put my hair up.  I headed over to the Isle of Wyrms, a mystical place full of dragons that Zephyr Pennell who owns the Lone Star Ranch had told me about.

The Island is such a pretty place and has a lovely atmosphere about it, I wandered around looking at the little shops and things there.

Being not the sharpest knife in the draw sometimes, I was trying to spot a dragon, but could see none.  I could however hear breathing and smell dragons breath all round me.   Suddenly I realised I was actually nearly in the mouth of the most enormous dragon I have ever seen, taking flight I got away just in time!!

I will take my sword with me next time I go, then I can stay and fight the dragons if I need to, think I will have to poke this big one in the eye with it though, got a feeling my sword would bend trying to penetrate that thick skin!!




2 Responses to Floating in Murray waters and Dragons

  1. Love the new hair!

    I tries to write a guide to the Wyrms place agaes ago, but my old lappy couldn’t handle the heavy texture/builld lag so I had to give up. You’ve just reminded me… 🙂

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    It was a really pretty place, the big dragon was magical!! SL certainly brings out the bad thing in people as well as the good, and begging is one thing I do hate, people got to be so thick skinned to ask for money and I also suspect they have nothing but contempt for the people who give it to them!!

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