Dead or Alive Rusty and Bay City Parade

Murray had a bit of a posh touch to it the other night, Alphonso decided to put out a carpet with some tables and chairs and flowers.  I decided to sit at table with Alph and have a chat.

We got to talking about how nice the chairs were and Alph told us our mate Rusty Heron had made them quite a while back.  Well Rusty has been missing from the scene for a little while now and we were all saying how much we miss him.  Alph then showed us the missing poster they had done when Rusty had been on holiday before.

Alph also got out this very scary poster of an anti-griefing picture. Don’t know about you, but I think this is a work of art, well done Alph!!!

Got a messege from Head last night to come and see the street parade at the new Bay City sim.  I got over there and then tried to find where they were.  I decided it was best to chase them on horseback, so got my lovely horse Colin out as he is good in crowds.  Not sure if new horse Derrick is up to it yet, best to introduce him to smaller groups of people first!

I caught up with some of them, but as seems the norm in these events, the floats and other things in the parade somehow get seperated and all end up on different routs, this does make it all ever so funny though, especially when they disappear into the ground at the sim boundaries.

Thats Headburro above on the ball with his poster for ‘The Show Must Go On’ that he is busily rehearsing for at the moment.  I got off of Colin and stood by the roadside as Pinkie came to join me.

She too had missed the start of the parade, and one of the av’s near by told us that griefers had tried to spoil things at the beginning anyway.  Think they soon got rid of them and the parade was a success, so it all turned out ok.  Head was back to his old self as his Mantelope av and came over to see us.

Head had to rush off to rehearsals and me and Pinkie went back to her place to chill, as usual, people worked really had to put the parade on, well done all of them!!1


3 Responses to Dead or Alive Rusty and Bay City Parade

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  2. LOL! I remember the rugs and chairs Rusty used to set up – there is even a picture on my photoboard on HBA Island 🙂

    I must get Alph to send me a poster so I can put it up on my plots 🙂

    I loved the parade – only sorry you and Pinks couldn’t be there from the start, and I think you missed doug the Dino attacking the tram! Very funny! 🙂

  3. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes would have liked to have seen Douglas attacking the tram, bet that was great!!

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