Neon Nights Opening and CNN’s Gorean meeting

My friend Cher has been buying some land lately and has been working hard building.  What I did not realise though is that Cher has also bought the parcel of land next door and is building quite a complex, with places to rent out to shopkeepers etc.   We went over for a look, I took the first picture (below) the other day of the nightclub ‘Neon Nights’ Cher has built, it’s really glitzy and a good place to go to have a great time.

Cher is certainly a great builder, the colours are vibrant and the layout is eyecatching and different.  We all toured the inside of one of the buildings.  Good friend Ruskin Thor has aleady opened a shop there selling clothes, he is also a great designer and builder and his shop is well worth checking out.

 For further information about the club and shopping areas for rent contact Cherish Demonge ‘in world’ (location Ministry of Media 47, 217, 21).  For Ruskins clothes shop contact Ruskin Thor ‘in world’ as well.

I met Drax last night and he decided to come to the CNN meeting with me for a while.  We were a little late (sorry Nicole!!) and when we arrived Nicole had just started talking about my story about the furries and where I got the idea from.  I told Nicole that since writing the article I had met a couple of avatars who really hated the furries and even accused them of having particular sexual habits that did not apply to the human type avs.  Well I did take all this with a pinch of salt at the time, as like all other groups, furries are made up of all different types of people with different tastes in things.  There was a furry at the meeting who confirmed that this is nothing but urban mythe.  He did however say that some furries hate Goreans!!  (Furries are excluded from role playing sims because they do not fit the role playing characters).  Well, just as well Drax was with me, as he was able to explain the role playing and the need to keep the characters within the guidelines that the Gor books by John Norman are based on.  I think Nicole was quite fascinated as I don’t think she realised that there were Gorean sims with their reputation for slaves and Master situations.  Drax did explain that slaves were only a very small percentage of the characters in a very well structured society.  Rocket put on his furry av and sat next to Drax, he looked like a really cute little cat but very comical.

It was nice that Drax could throw some light on the actual role playing side of Gor without the total emphasis on the brutal sexual side that many people tend to attribute to it, without really knowing much about it.  Just like real life though, groups of people disliking other groups for no reason other than what someone else has said about them, must be human nature I suppose.   Drax had to leave, but the discussion carried on for quite a while and it was interesting to hear other peoples points of view.  Nicole and Henry the CNN reporters decided we should end the meeting with another site visit.  One of the Ireporters at the meeting Phorkyad Acropolis told us about a Greek theatre so I got the site address and teleported over.

When I arrived there was only Nicole and Henry there so I don’t know what happened to all the others.  I said to Nicole that sometimes the second life ‘chat’ is hard to follow at the meetings with everyone  chipping in at once, so the others may have missed the URL to get there.  Anyway, I’m glad I had a look at the threatre, its a fantastic place, so huge and really well done, bet its quite a place when they have plays and things going on there .        Greek Theater Cookie (58, 28, 32)

2 Responses to Neon Nights Opening and CNN’s Gorean meeting

  1. HBA says:

    I’ll have to go and look at the theatre – it looks amazing! Did you see Osprey’s post about a theatre?

    That’s another I’ll have to go see 🙂

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Just looked at Osprey’s post, that theatre looks really impressive, some great builds in sl, lots of busy people putting on productions as well by the look of it, lots of talent here.

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