Newbie Gunman CNN Story

Thought I would have a look round the shops yesterday, but met a nutty newbie trying out his guns, see the full story at


4 Responses to Newbie Gunman CNN Story

  1. HBA says:

    LOL, what a loon 🙂 You might find the store was a No Build place so his bullets weren’t rezzing, meaning it was just him and his gun making lots of noise and particle smoke (these only need script enabled). Best thing to do is taunt him mercilessly, especially about his general uselessness in SL and link it to a suspected similar level of under-performance in bed 😉

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes never thought of that but like you say his bullets were probably useless because of the scriping, just as well!! Couldn’t taunt him because he either didn’t want to reply or didn’t speak English, but i really got on his nerves and followed him getting in front of him all the time, it was funny 🙂

  3. Drax Ember says:

    Sounds like it had to be pretty funny – poor guy was probably so frustrated that he didn’t know what to do!

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    At the end I think he was embarrassed, you could almost feel his frustration, it was funny, he just gave up and disappeared!

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