From one Asylum to another (Murray!)

As Teagan (Linden) told us about the basement at the Asylum in Bay City I thought I would go and take a look for myself.  So I went back to the creepy place.  

I instantly felt the horrible atmosphere as I entered the deserted building and made my way to Ward 6, where Teagan said you could climb down the drainage system into the basement.

I flew down over the edge of the floor and landed on uneven ground, there were even a few trees growing down there and it was really eirie, with the sound of the dripping water echoing throughout the area.  I moved around and found I could stand up there, but felt trapped as I could see no way out.

 Perhaps Teagan did find a way out, I looked all over but could find nothing.  Only one thing for it and that was to fly back up into Ward 6, the way I had come in, bit tricky though, I’m not the best flier in Second Life.   Finally got out and it was a relief to leave the Asylum altogether, strange place that it is. 

A huge crowd gathered at Murray last night, most people I’d seen there for some time.  Sometimes its like an open Asylum in Murray, think the Lindens should build one to make us all feel at home. 

As we all  stood round chatting a huge avatar landed in the middle of us.  He appeared naked except for a pair of underpants and had wild hair.  He must have been about 9 foot tall as he towered above everyone.  Well he spotted Pinkie and that was the end of it! he went straight over to her.

He said he was from Brazil and wanted to take Pinkie away to there, he didn’t seem to listen to her, just kept repeating himself.  Pinkie being Pinkie, so lovely and polite, tried to talk sense to him, but he was in her face not giving up.

In the end heroes Stef and Roach, who had been telling him to leave Pinkie alone, decided to go into action, Stef got between him and Pinkie pushing him away and Roach decided a male hug might drive him away, and it did.  Mr Brazil ran for his life and disappeared in a puff of smoke.  Now I suggested that this might be another alternative av, but the others didn’t seem to think so.  I still think it is odd though, the way he singled Pinkie out (nothing strange about Pinkie being chatted up as she is very pretty) but it was not an ordinary chat up it was targeted and very strange.



4 Responses to From one Asylum to another (Murray!)

  1. Pinkie Delcon says:

    It was weird that he should approach me in that way but was nice to see my friends step in. Thought he was harmless on the whole.

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Yes I’m sure you could handle the situation anyway without any help, but how lovely of our mates to come to your aid, true heroes.

  3. HBA says:

    LOL – I missed looking at blogs over the BH weekend so I missed this! Poor Pionks, she always gets the ugly ones 😉

    I *really* have to go back to Bay City soon… Gah, I just don’t have enough time in-world at the moment 😦

  4. Janey Bracken says:

    Well you are rather busy so its understandable, hope the rehearsals are going well!!!

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