CNN’s Lacor Dudek Live Interview

Attended a live interview this afternoon at ‘CNN Future’ with CNN Producer Lacor Dudek talking about his work.  The interview was conducted by CNN journalist Raven Ireport who asked Lacor questions for the first half of the meeting.  Nicole Ireport and Tyson Ireport were also there.

Lacor had said he had been into Second Life before to cover a story about a live band holding an sl gig, but he was still looking very much a newbie, think Nicole, Tyson and Raveon ought to taking him shopping before he logs off, they always look so cool.  Lacor was very interesting telling us about all aspects of his work, he had been the CNN Science and Technology reporter at one time, so had fun going to all the gadget shows.  In one of his other reporting tasks he had covered a story about baby pandas, and he said this was one of the fun things he had really enjoyed, I envy him that, they must have been gorgeous to report on.

The second half of the meeting was thrown open to the audience to ask a few questions, so I did ask a couple of things about the job, Lacor was very straight and honest with his answers, credit to him.  One thing was funny, was the fact he said that when the journalists’ submit a story it goes through quite a rigorous procedure with editors, varifying the journalists facts and altering the content slightly. He admitted that he was always a bit apprehensive until it had been passed.  Just like me with my little ireports, obviously, to a much lesser degree as his were real life stories, but I always dreaded the bit when it has gone through and been published, in case errors had been left in by me (not so much the last few weeks though as I can now edit stuff, which is wonderful!!!).  It was a fascinating talk and I would like to thank Raveon and Lacor for making it so interesting.


2 Responses to CNN’s Lacor Dudek Live Interview

  1. HBA says:

    What an intersting meeting that would have been – sorry I missed it 🙂 Is Lacor planning on reporting from in-world? If so, where will his reports appear?

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    It was interesting to hear what he had to say, no don’t think he is going to have much to do with SL, think he does producers work now for CNN, but real stuff. There is another meeting on Wednesday with an editor I think, so I will try to get to that one as well. Think it is round about 5 pm, but not sure will have to check.

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