Ouch! clubbing in Murray!!

June 28, 2008

There I was standing chatting in Murray, when pal Dave Sparrow of Naughty Auties fame, came up to me and said hello.  Before I knew what he was up to he got out this giant caveman’s club and bashed me over the head with it, ouch!!!!  He was laughing away and gave me a club to bash him back with.  It was so funny, all you had to do was type the word ‘bam’ in text and your feet left the ground as you bashed the person in front of you over the head. 


Dave gave the clubs out to everyone and soon we were all laying into each other, even Ivan the coke can was bashing people and didn’t spill a drop of coke.  It was great seeing Dave so happy, he told me that the Naughty Auties is going extremely well and that he had just heard from an American organisation for Autism who had just read our original CNN report.

Sometimes its nice just to do silly nutty things in SL, we do have such a laugh with all the gang in Murray.

I just posted another Mayfair Artists report on the ‘Virtually London (lite)’ site, it was a pleasure to meet Alberto Salomon, he is so talented and is such a nice person who cares passionately about art and nature.  His work is exquisite, catch his story at http://sllondon.blogspot.com/


Teagan Linden’s Great Gift’s

June 26, 2008

A little while ago I had met Teagan Linden as I looked around the haunted Asylum in Bay City with pal Headburro Antfarm.  Teagan was really friendly and took us for a little tour as she had already seen a lot of the building before we got there.  As I had been collecting Linden bears, I asked Teagan if I could have one of hers.  She said that she hadn’t made her bear yet, and she said she would send me one, as soon as she had made it.

Well today when I logged on there was a message from Teagan saying that she had sent, not only the bear she made, but some other lovely items as well. They were nicely boxed with a balloon attached and when I opened it there were two bears, a steaming coffee cup, a water bowl and a feeding mat.  Teagan is a Neko and the bigger Neko bear had a swinging tail and was dressed really great.  Teagan said that Contessa Marquez had helped to put things together, Teagan had made the cute baby bear and the Contessa had made the ‘Teagan bear’ (which is amazing) and the other accessories. 

I would like to thank Teagan (and the Contessa) for remembering and I really love the bears and the rest of the things.  I have taken my coffee cup to work and left it on my desk, as it goes nicely with my coffee machine there.   Big Thank you again Teagan!!!


Naughty Nazna and CNN visit London

June 25, 2008

It was one of those nice relaxing evenings standing in Murray, Cher had asked Alphonso to build him a plane.  It was a very desirable plane, very streamlined and with Cher’s favourite deep rich pink colouring for its trimmings.  

A little girl suddently teleported into the area.  I’m not sure whether she knew any of the crowd but she came round to each one of us giving us a greeting.  My little friend Nazna stood watching and I could see that she didn’t look very pleased.  Well the little girl made her way over to Nazna who backed away from her. 

The little girl made the wrong decision, she decided to call Naz a name and called out that Naz was a sissy.  Big mistake!!! Nazna produced the biggest gun I have ever seen in my life and I’m not sure whether she aimed it at the little girl or not, but by time I had taken the photograph the little girl was nowhere to be seen.

The little girl did reappear a few minutes later though, so she seemed none the worse for her experience.  Don’t know where Naz had that gun hidden, must have a giant pocket in her clothes somewhere!!!

It was a good CNN meeting last night, Nicole was back which was nice, so she took the meeting.  Henry had done a great job while she was away and it was good to see him there as well this week.  As I had written a story about the London sims, Nicole and Henry thought a field Trip over to SL London would be a good idea.  It was a lot of fun.  Only trouble was poor Rocket who was dressed as Shrek was Ruthed badly and everyones’ clothes took ages to rez.

The CNN journalists even paid the Daily Mail building a visit, you can read all about it at http://sllondon.blogspot.com/

Luverly London and a Salesman’s Nightmare

June 24, 2008

As I’m at the London sims so much now, I thought I’d put a posting in CNN for people to see what’s going on with the fantastic building, replicating real life in SL Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea and Knightsbridge.  Catch the CNN report at http://www.ireport.com/people/JaneyBracken;jsessionid=F951E105A7B36C9D5EC0C9A5E4D04496

I was standing minding my own business at a place called Hanson the other day, after being moved from another SL location, Hanson was packed with people, and I guess they had all been transferred from other places on the grid as well.  Suddenly this big guy with a giant cigar came up to me and started talking, here’s the conversation we had and I think I can safely say I’m a salesman’s nightmare!!!!

[2008/06/23 7:06]  PatrickAF: hello

[2008/06/23 7:06]  You: .

[2008/06/23 7:06]  You: hi

[2008/06/23 7:06]  PatrickAF : intereted in buying a trapolin?

[2008/06/23 7:07]  PatrickAF: trampolin?

[2008/06/23 7:07]  You: no thanks

[2008/06/23 7:07]  You: can jump without one thanks

[2008/06/23 7:07]  PatrickAF: interested in buying anything???

[2008/06/23 7:07]  PatrickAF: i sell anything

[2008/06/23 7:07]  You: well what are you selling

[2008/06/23 7:07]  You: elephant?

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF: yes

[2008/06/23 7:08]  You: pink one

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF: it´s it not easy but…

[2008/06/23 7:08]  You: with blue spots as well

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF: lol

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF : lol

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF: lol

[2008/06/23 7:08]  You: lol only kidding

[2008/06/23 7:09]  You: so you got a shop in sl?

[2008/06/23 7:09]  PatrickAF: no..

[2008/06/23 7:09]  PatrickAF: i´m a “free-trader”

[2008/06/23 7:09]  You: oh right is business good?

[2008/06/23 7:10]  PatrickAF: at the moment no…you don´t buy

[2008/06/23 7:10]  PatrickAF: lol

[2008/06/23 7:10]  You: lol well you can’t just depend on me

[2008/06/23 7:10]  You: only feed you for one meal

[2008/06/23 7:10]  You: need lots of customers

[2008/06/23 7:10]  PatrickAF: of course

[2008/06/23 7:10]  You: look rich going by your cigar

[2008/06/23 7:11]  PatrickAF: do you need cigarrets?

[2008/06/23 7:11]  You: no stopped smoking bad for my virtual lungs

[2008/06/23 7:11]  PatrickAF: ok

[2008/06/23 7:11]  You: don’t need anything really

[2008/06/23 7:11]  PatrickAF: don´t need anything furniture?

[2008/06/23 7:11]  You: no make my own

[2008/06/23 7:12]  PatrickAF : i have a luxury house to rent

[2008/06/23 7:12]  PatrickAF: 450

[2008/06/23 7:12]  PatrickAF: weekly´

[2008/06/23 7:12]  You: no got a house and a houseboat and an office

[2008/06/23 7:12]  PatrickAF: have boats too

[2008/06/23 7:12]  You: no I have a speed boat

[2008/06/23 7:13]  PatrickAF: ohhh a speed boat…

[2008/06/23 7:13]  PatrickAF: can a buy it?

[2008/06/23 7:13]  PatrickAF : lol

[2008/06/23 7:13]  PatrickAF : i don´t have one

[2008/06/23 7:13]  You: no transfer I’m afraid

[2008/06/23 7:13]  You: you are very tall

[2008/06/23 7:14]  PatrickAF: lol

[2008/06/23 7:14]  PatrickAF: i have to go

[2008/06/23 7:14]  You: ok nice talking to you

[2008/06/23 7:14]  PatrickAF: bye

[2008/06/23 7:14]  You: bye


Thanks PatrickAF you were a good sport and I wish you well with your free trading!



10,000 Lindens still up for Grabs

June 22, 2008

I just put another great story  on Virtually London (lite) written by contestant Brie Janick.  10,OOO Lindens are still up for grabs, so get a story to me about the London sims by the 1st July 2008.  All entrants will not only get a chance to win the money, but they may also have their story posted on the Virtually London (lite) site which is run by the real life Daily Mail, so you will be read by a very wide audience indeed (competition rules).

While you are at the Virtually London (lite)site, take a look at the brilliant film that my boss Nikk Huet as made about the Daily Mail and General Trust SL Building (my office in above pic).  The Machinima has been used as a presentation to show the company about them entering Second Life. 

Talking to the Artists in Piccadilly Circus

June 20, 2008

I had an invite from Nala Tenk, one of the London sim Directors, asking me if I would go over and see the Mayfair Gallery Artists, as they were all meeting up in Piccadilly.  I agreed and she told them that I would be there representing the ‘Virtually London (lite)’ blog for the DM>.   I gave it a lot of thought before I went over, as interviewing 10 people all at once just wouldn’t work out.  They are all individual in their styles and looking at SL as a chance to display their work to the world.  I decided that the best way was to meet up with them and make appointments to meet each one so that I could have a proper chat with them and look at their work later.  The first artist I went to see was Zeppie Innis and I couldn’t have started with a better person.  His artwork is absolutely amazing, and Zeppie made his paintings come to life as he showed me round and explained the thought behind each one.  Take a look at the full interview at ‘Virtually London (lite)’  (P.S. Also see brilliant film my boss Nikk Heut made to show the Daily Mail newsgroup about SL in the Virtually London (lite) blog)) 

I had missed a couple of artists who had turned up a little bit after I’d gone, so I IM’d them to give them a chance, and they were all really nice, so I will get round to talking to them.  Only one of the artists did not even bother getting back to me, which I thought was extremely rude, as he was on line, a simple ‘no thanks’ would have been good.  Still perhaps he thinks he is above all that, wish him well anyway.  

I had not realised before I arrived in Piccadilly that a gig had been arranged and a singer called Phoe Nix was playing live.  She is a singer/pianist and I had trouble with my sound and could not hear her.  I met designer Girlspeedo there and she had the same trouble as me, it was a real shame, all the others were dancing and cheering.  I did try to re log a couple of times, hearing a few seconds of her singing and I could hear that I was missing out big time, she has the most beautiful voice and plays really well.  I got together with Phoe after and will go to another gig and have a chat with her then.


After all the excitement of the evening I headed home to the houseboat and met Drax.  We sat on the top deck to watch the stars and I feel so happy to have such a nice place to live in the Chelsea sim.   I would like to thank Drax for giving me all the support he gives me, encouraging me to go on when other people aren’t so happy for me, and being there to listen.  Drax is one in a million and I’m so lucky that he is my best friend.

Roach Goes into Business and CNN Meeting

June 18, 2008

I suddenly got a teleport invitation yesterday from Roach to a shop called ‘Choras‘ in the Mippies Digital Studio, Pilod.  I actually had an idea before I accepted what it was all about, as Cher had told me about Roach opening a new shop.  It’s great news and I hope he does really well, I’m so glad my friends are getting all fired up to go into business, SL is lovely to use just to come in and chat and have fun, but there is so much more to it than that.

A few of our friends joined us and it was really exciting to see the start of Roach’s venture.  Cher has also opened up a shop next door and I wish him luck with that one as well.  Go along and check the shops out, Roach has got some great bargains at the moment!!

After all the excitement I went over to the ‘Future’ site for the CNN meeting.  Henry ireport was taking the chair as Nicole is still away.  Not many people turned up last night.  I asked Henry if they had sent the meeting reminder out as I hadn’t seen it.  A few of the others said they hadn’t seen it either and I suspect thats why we were so low on numbers.  It was a good meeting though, Henry did well and it may have been better because there hadn’t been so many there. 

I seem to be writing all the time now, and must admit I love it!! I have just interviewed Girlspeedo Latte who owns a boutique, ‘Gbbrish’ in SL Knightsbridge, you can catch the report at http://sllondon.blogspot.com/