Kind Av Shows Me Around Beautiful Gardens

As I stood in the meeting place of Ahern, listening to all the gossip going on (great place for nosy people like me!!), I got a message from one of the av’s standing near me.  He started chatting and asked if I’d ever been to a place in SL called ‘The Gardens of Npirl Delights’.  I said that I hadn’t and he asked me if I’d like to take a look.  I agreed and we went over to one of the most unusual sims I have visited so far.

The kindly av, whose name is Ark Obviate, took me to the entrance of what looked like a mine, we donned miner’s helmets and entered the dark tunnel.  I followed the arrows on the floor and suddenly came out into the light, the colours so vibrant it made me blink.

Then he led me on to many amazing sights in the gardens and told me that some of SL’s top designers are working in the sim.

For all the sinners out there, there is even Heaven in the gardens, you go though the gates and are greeted by a mythological figure and cherubs flying all round you. Ark asked me if there was any reasons why I should go to Heaven and I couldn’t think of any, bit worrying really!!  Never mind we carried on exploring.

I decided it was too soon for Heaven anyway and we headed over to the most weird part of the sim.  Ark said it was a human car wash and it had tentacles hanging down, we just hoped they didn’t sting.  We must have been feeling a bit grubby as we both jumped in a bath and relaxed in the water letting the human car wash do its job.  Most odd!!!  I will go back for another look, I’m sure there is so much I have not seen there.



5 Responses to Kind Av Shows Me Around Beautiful Gardens

  1. LOL – That’s amazing! I’ve heard about it for ages and I keep meaning to Ask Bettina for a guided tour, but I need 3 extra hours in each day right now 😀

    Hope those tentacles didn’t tickle too much 😉

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    I know what you mean, you have been so busy of late. It’s worth a good look round as I must have missed so much, it was nice of Ark to tell me about it and take me there. We didn’t stay in the human car wash too long in case those tentacles stung us 🙂

  3. Drax Ember says:

    That looks fascinating, can’t wait to see it!!!!! First time I’ve seen you in a miner’s helmet – it’s a good look!!!!!!!

  4. Drax Ember says:

    Love the London blog! What a fantastic writer. They are so lucky to have you!!!

  5. Janey Bracken says:

    Thanks Drax, will get you a miners helmet too when we visit the sim, think I should have pushed it further down on my head though, looks a sight!!! Sure you will look very handsome in it 🙂

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