When conversations go bad!!!

You stand there just looking, minding your own business, suddenly a newbie shoves into you.  You think ‘he’s a newbie, ok it was an accident’ then he backs off and takes another run at you knocking you again.  Could be another accident, big gap round you, he must just be bad at walking, but no he then stands directly behind you, an inch between you and him, then you  know, you wait for the silly chat.  Well I wasn’t disappointed, this is my silly chat of the week, please excuse the content if you are easily offended.

[8:26]  bongman: im having camera vew problems,is this hard ware keyboard or mouse

[8:26]  Janey Bracken: ok no worries

[8:27]  Janey Bracken: if you hold the ault key down you can use your mouse to look round

[8:28]  bongman : you dont knoe what a bong is,its nothing to do with that word that you think

[8:28]  Janey Bracken: I never gave it a thought, lots of odd names in SL

[8:47]  bongman : im not being funy but did i shag you cuple days ago

[8:49]  bongman : whair is ault

[8:49]  Janey Bracken: well must have been a non event I can’t even remember and don’t drink or take drugs, so you must be totally forgetful

[8:49]  bongman : of corse

[8:49]  Janey Bracken: of course what?

[8:50]  bongman : i have long and sort term memory los

[8:50]  Janey Bracken: Yes I thought so, so you don’t shag anyone just imagine it

[8:52]  bongman : i do shag  peopel real peopel,one or twic on sl

[8:53]  Janey Bracken: why would I want to know that, I am completely not interested in your pathetic sex life

[8:53]  bongman : nevermind dont wory

[8:53]  Janey Bracken: I don’t lol


Good luck with your hunting bongman, think you need another chat up line though!!!




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