Talking to the Artists in Piccadilly Circus

I had an invite from Nala Tenk, one of the London sim Directors, asking me if I would go over and see the Mayfair Gallery Artists, as they were all meeting up in Piccadilly.  I agreed and she told them that I would be there representing the ‘Virtually London (lite)’ blog for the DM>.   I gave it a lot of thought before I went over, as interviewing 10 people all at once just wouldn’t work out.  They are all individual in their styles and looking at SL as a chance to display their work to the world.  I decided that the best way was to meet up with them and make appointments to meet each one so that I could have a proper chat with them and look at their work later.  The first artist I went to see was Zeppie Innis and I couldn’t have started with a better person.  His artwork is absolutely amazing, and Zeppie made his paintings come to life as he showed me round and explained the thought behind each one.  Take a look at the full interview at ‘Virtually London (lite)’  (P.S. Also see brilliant film my boss Nikk Heut made to show the Daily Mail newsgroup about SL in the Virtually London (lite) blog)) 

I had missed a couple of artists who had turned up a little bit after I’d gone, so I IM’d them to give them a chance, and they were all really nice, so I will get round to talking to them.  Only one of the artists did not even bother getting back to me, which I thought was extremely rude, as he was on line, a simple ‘no thanks’ would have been good.  Still perhaps he thinks he is above all that, wish him well anyway.  

I had not realised before I arrived in Piccadilly that a gig had been arranged and a singer called Phoe Nix was playing live.  She is a singer/pianist and I had trouble with my sound and could not hear her.  I met designer Girlspeedo there and she had the same trouble as me, it was a real shame, all the others were dancing and cheering.  I did try to re log a couple of times, hearing a few seconds of her singing and I could hear that I was missing out big time, she has the most beautiful voice and plays really well.  I got together with Phoe after and will go to another gig and have a chat with her then.


After all the excitement of the evening I headed home to the houseboat and met Drax.  We sat on the top deck to watch the stars and I feel so happy to have such a nice place to live in the Chelsea sim.   I would like to thank Drax for giving me all the support he gives me, encouraging me to go on when other people aren’t so happy for me, and being there to listen.  Drax is one in a million and I’m so lucky that he is my best friend.


One Response to Talking to the Artists in Piccadilly Circus

  1. drax ember says:

    Zeppie’s gallery was fantastic. I loved exchanging our thoughts on the meaning of each painiting! looking forward to hearing Phoe Nix perform!

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