Luverly London and a Salesman’s Nightmare

As I’m at the London sims so much now, I thought I’d put a posting in CNN for people to see what’s going on with the fantastic building, replicating real life in SL Mayfair, Kensington, Chelsea and Knightsbridge.  Catch the CNN report at;jsessionid=F951E105A7B36C9D5EC0C9A5E4D04496

I was standing minding my own business at a place called Hanson the other day, after being moved from another SL location, Hanson was packed with people, and I guess they had all been transferred from other places on the grid as well.  Suddenly this big guy with a giant cigar came up to me and started talking, here’s the conversation we had and I think I can safely say I’m a salesman’s nightmare!!!!

[2008/06/23 7:06]  PatrickAF: hello

[2008/06/23 7:06]  You: .

[2008/06/23 7:06]  You: hi

[2008/06/23 7:06]  PatrickAF : intereted in buying a trapolin?

[2008/06/23 7:07]  PatrickAF: trampolin?

[2008/06/23 7:07]  You: no thanks

[2008/06/23 7:07]  You: can jump without one thanks

[2008/06/23 7:07]  PatrickAF: interested in buying anything???

[2008/06/23 7:07]  PatrickAF: i sell anything

[2008/06/23 7:07]  You: well what are you selling

[2008/06/23 7:07]  You: elephant?

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF: yes

[2008/06/23 7:08]  You: pink one

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF: it´s it not easy but…

[2008/06/23 7:08]  You: with blue spots as well

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF: lol

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF : lol

[2008/06/23 7:08]  PatrickAF: lol

[2008/06/23 7:08]  You: lol only kidding

[2008/06/23 7:09]  You: so you got a shop in sl?

[2008/06/23 7:09]  PatrickAF: no..

[2008/06/23 7:09]  PatrickAF: i´m a “free-trader”

[2008/06/23 7:09]  You: oh right is business good?

[2008/06/23 7:10]  PatrickAF: at the moment no…you don´t buy

[2008/06/23 7:10]  PatrickAF: lol

[2008/06/23 7:10]  You: lol well you can’t just depend on me

[2008/06/23 7:10]  You: only feed you for one meal

[2008/06/23 7:10]  You: need lots of customers

[2008/06/23 7:10]  PatrickAF: of course

[2008/06/23 7:10]  You: look rich going by your cigar

[2008/06/23 7:11]  PatrickAF: do you need cigarrets?

[2008/06/23 7:11]  You: no stopped smoking bad for my virtual lungs

[2008/06/23 7:11]  PatrickAF: ok

[2008/06/23 7:11]  You: don’t need anything really

[2008/06/23 7:11]  PatrickAF: don´t need anything furniture?

[2008/06/23 7:11]  You: no make my own

[2008/06/23 7:12]  PatrickAF : i have a luxury house to rent

[2008/06/23 7:12]  PatrickAF: 450

[2008/06/23 7:12]  PatrickAF: weekly´

[2008/06/23 7:12]  You: no got a house and a houseboat and an office

[2008/06/23 7:12]  PatrickAF: have boats too

[2008/06/23 7:12]  You: no I have a speed boat

[2008/06/23 7:13]  PatrickAF: ohhh a speed boat…

[2008/06/23 7:13]  PatrickAF: can a buy it?

[2008/06/23 7:13]  PatrickAF : lol

[2008/06/23 7:13]  PatrickAF : i don´t have one

[2008/06/23 7:13]  You: no transfer I’m afraid

[2008/06/23 7:13]  You: you are very tall

[2008/06/23 7:14]  PatrickAF: lol

[2008/06/23 7:14]  PatrickAF: i have to go

[2008/06/23 7:14]  You: ok nice talking to you

[2008/06/23 7:14]  PatrickAF: bye

[2008/06/23 7:14]  You: bye


Thanks PatrickAF you were a good sport and I wish you well with your free trading!




2 Responses to Luverly London and a Salesman’s Nightmare

  1. Drax Ember says:

    Hilarious!!!!! Glad you kept your virtual lungs free of virtual smoke and can breathe virtually easier while thinking of your virtual pink elephant with virtual spots!!!

    Virtually Yours,

  2. Janey Bracken says:

    Haha, Poor guy virtually gave up on me, had to admire his virtual patience, shame I didn’t have a speed boat to give him but I was virtually out of stock.

    Always virtually Yours

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