Naughty Nazna and CNN visit London

It was one of those nice relaxing evenings standing in Murray, Cher had asked Alphonso to build him a plane.  It was a very desirable plane, very streamlined and with Cher’s favourite deep rich pink colouring for its trimmings.  

A little girl suddently teleported into the area.  I’m not sure whether she knew any of the crowd but she came round to each one of us giving us a greeting.  My little friend Nazna stood watching and I could see that she didn’t look very pleased.  Well the little girl made her way over to Nazna who backed away from her. 

The little girl made the wrong decision, she decided to call Naz a name and called out that Naz was a sissy.  Big mistake!!! Nazna produced the biggest gun I have ever seen in my life and I’m not sure whether she aimed it at the little girl or not, but by time I had taken the photograph the little girl was nowhere to be seen.

The little girl did reappear a few minutes later though, so she seemed none the worse for her experience.  Don’t know where Naz had that gun hidden, must have a giant pocket in her clothes somewhere!!!

It was a good CNN meeting last night, Nicole was back which was nice, so she took the meeting.  Henry had done a great job while she was away and it was good to see him there as well this week.  As I had written a story about the London sims, Nicole and Henry thought a field Trip over to SL London would be a good idea.  It was a lot of fun.  Only trouble was poor Rocket who was dressed as Shrek was Ruthed badly and everyones’ clothes took ages to rez.

The CNN journalists even paid the Daily Mail building a visit, you can read all about it at


10 Responses to Naughty Nazna and CNN visit London

  1. HBA says:

    LOL – That was a huuuuge gun! Sorry I missed the London tour – I had no idea they have an underground as well! I still think they should add a huge Thames down the middle 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about adding an automated fireworks show to my land – mayebe London could do the same – set to go off every night at 10pmGMT?

  2. HBA says:

    Moind you – ruthing and rez issues… I’m glad I didn’t come. I’m having a really hard time running SL on my laptop these days – it’s quite disheartening really and makes exploring all but impossible 😦

  3. Yes fireworks in London sim would be nice especially where the Eros statue is, don’t know if they have any plans for the Thames though, it’s quite exciting seeing what they are putting there. Lag was bad with the clothes that night, but usually ok, shame you couldn’t make it, the tube train was a real laugh 🙂

  4. The lag is OK if I’m on my PC, but after so long on it doing the video I’m trying to spend a lot of time in front room on my old lappy so I can at least sit with Mrs A. Trouble is, it tends to cut down any exploring as it is now as slow as anything. I’ve moved to the OnRez viewer (pre-widlight and voice) and that has helped a little, but I’m going to clear out the cache and then defrag the HD. I may also delete lots of the files on there (move them to the PC) to give lots of space for SL to play with. London would be a no-no for me on that thing 😦 so I’ll pop onto my PC on Friday night and if you are around you can show me the sights 🙂

  5. Drax Ember says:

    Looks like a great trip for the CNN staff! I wonder if Nazna’s gun is the one that I’m always accused of having in my pocket?

  6. Head, I would love to show you around, be great if Pinkie could make it as well, we could jump on one of the buses to see the sights, or take the horses, Colin hasn’t been out for a while!!

  7. Well Drax, I’ve always been a bit worried about your gun! if that went off in your pocket it would virtually blow you away!!!!

  8. HBA says:

    We’ll have to invite Rusty too – he’s been trying to catch up with us all. Why not set a time on Friday night and invite him and Pinks (and me 😉 ) – after 80pm GMT for me though so I can get The Boy to bed 🙂

  9. Have to leave it for a bit as I have a few more interviews, to do so won’t have time tomorrow. Have to all meet up soon though maybe next week sometime would be good 🙂

  10. HBA says:

    Perfect – I’m preping for a big rehearsal tonight so probably couldn’t have made it. I’m also scouting out a city for my mext film. Too much going on. 🙂

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