Teagan Linden’s Great Gift’s

A little while ago I had met Teagan Linden as I looked around the haunted Asylum in Bay City with pal Headburro Antfarm.  Teagan was really friendly and took us for a little tour as she had already seen a lot of the building before we got there.  As I had been collecting Linden bears, I asked Teagan if I could have one of hers.  She said that she hadn’t made her bear yet, and she said she would send me one, as soon as she had made it.

Well today when I logged on there was a message from Teagan saying that she had sent, not only the bear she made, but some other lovely items as well. They were nicely boxed with a balloon attached and when I opened it there were two bears, a steaming coffee cup, a water bowl and a feeding mat.  Teagan is a Neko and the bigger Neko bear had a swinging tail and was dressed really great.  Teagan said that Contessa Marquez had helped to put things together, Teagan had made the cute baby bear and the Contessa had made the ‘Teagan bear’ (which is amazing) and the other accessories. 

I would like to thank Teagan (and the Contessa) for remembering and I really love the bears and the rest of the things.  I have taken my coffee cup to work and left it on my desk, as it goes nicely with my coffee machine there.   Big Thank you again Teagan!!!



One Response to Teagan Linden’s Great Gift’s

  1. HBA says:

    LOL – they are brilliant! She’s a star! I wonder how she made the balloon? How did she get the texture to wrap around it?

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