Ouch! clubbing in Murray!!

There I was standing chatting in Murray, when pal Dave Sparrow of Naughty Auties fame, came up to me and said hello.  Before I knew what he was up to he got out this giant caveman’s club and bashed me over the head with it, ouch!!!!  He was laughing away and gave me a club to bash him back with.  It was so funny, all you had to do was type the word ‘bam’ in text and your feet left the ground as you bashed the person in front of you over the head. 


Dave gave the clubs out to everyone and soon we were all laying into each other, even Ivan the coke can was bashing people and didn’t spill a drop of coke.  It was great seeing Dave so happy, he told me that the Naughty Auties is going extremely well and that he had just heard from an American organisation for Autism who had just read our original CNN report.

Sometimes its nice just to do silly nutty things in SL, we do have such a laugh with all the gang in Murray.

I just posted another Mayfair Artists report on the ‘Virtually London (lite)’ site, it was a pleasure to meet Alberto Salomon, he is so talented and is such a nice person who cares passionately about art and nature.  His work is exquisite, catch his story at http://sllondon.blogspot.com/


4 Responses to Ouch! clubbing in Murray!!

  1. HBA says:

    LOL – i missed that night in Murray – mind you, there have been some of your latest reports on murray where I’m clearly in the photos and have no memory of the fun things going on. I think I need a holiday!

    Lovely work by Alberto, by the way – I’m going to come over and check that one out.

  2. That was funny, some things just make you giggle in Murray, thats the attraction of the place.

    Alberto’s work is beautiful and he’s such a nice person as well, he really loves what he does with a passion. All the artists and photographers I’ve interviewed so far have all been really nice people and their work is outstanding, they all have different styles and its been a pleasure for me to meet them and study their work. I think it’s one way that SL really excels itself giving people a chance to show their skills 🙂

  3. HBA says:

    Hey! You’ve put your link in your name in the comments! Brilliant! But wasn’t I meant to help you with the blog stuff? Gawd! Sorry mate – I can’t even remember what I was meant to do :((

    Just email, IM or leave a comment if you need anything and I’ll put a quick guide on those topics together. I really am a sponge-brained prat at times. :((

  4. No worries I know you have been very busy of late. It’s been good for me to find out from forums and stuff how to do things anyway, links was my main concern but now I’ve cracked it I should be ok, but thanks for the offer 🙂

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