Chelsea Apartment, Rock on Linc and Goths

July 30, 2008

I suppose I am a bit fickle, I change things all the time, well not all things, but lots of things, I see something new and that’s it, I want it!!  Much as I love my houseboat in Chelsea, my eyes have roamed elsewhere!!  Fellow Reporter and good friend Hibiscus Hastings ask me whether I had seen the new apartments in Chelsea as she is interested in renting one.  I had to admit although, of course, I have seen them from the outside, I hadn’t actually looked inside to view them.  Hib had made me curious, so I went over later on, and that was it! I loved the spacious rooms and the balcony overlooking the Thames.  I went mad and rented one for a week.  As they are filling up fast I won’t let Hib miss out, if she wants one she can take over mine, if there are none left.  SL being what it is, people move on and I’ll simply wait for another one to become vacant when someone stops paying the rent.  I have a feeling though, that I will be trying out other locations in the London sims as well to see what it’s like to live there.

I have written a lot this last week, even by my standards, and it’s just the way things worked out.  I got a call from Knibbel Cioc to come and see the new gigs on Linc Island, which turned out to be a real buzz.

The avatars at Linc are made to look like real life musicians, Led Zepperlin in this case and they rocked away to live tapes of the band, it was a good effect and people from the audience joined the stage with their guitars.  I had also been invited over for a preview of the opening of a new romantic Goth sim, I don’t know a lot about Goths, but the sim was well impressive and thanks to Neil for showing me round.  You can read both these reports at;jsessionid=07DB2C4D57077C305C268D01AC335493


Builder Mates and Mayfair Apartment

July 29, 2008

I was standing talking to Drax and suddenly got a message from Cher telling me he was in Murray saying his farewells to everyone as he is going on real life holiday for a week.  So we decided to go over and wish him a nice time.  Cher has branched out into making shoes recently, very nice they are too, I will probably get some next time I get paid.  Cher looked really different, his girl av looked so glamorous, not that he doesn’t always, but it was a new softer look with his hair pulled back and the beautiful black cocktail dress was really classy.  He told us that he was a little bit afraid of flying in real life and I hope he was ok on the trip out and we all wished him a great time and will miss him in SL till he gets back.

Roach and Treasure have been busy building as well, both of them are really good at it and a couple of day’s ago Treasure gave me and Drax a chair each that she had made.  It’s ideal for a modern home and really stylish.  In Murray the other night she showed us a sofa that she has just designed as well, she is going to sell them in Ruskin’s shop, so I hope she does very well.

Roach has also began to build houses, as well as other things, and he showed us his latest one (when you think about it SL is so funny the way you can just get a house out and show it around!!).  It was well designed and roomy inside and it had a really nice balcony which was wide enough to entertain all your friends.

While I think of it, it’s worth dropping into SL Mayfair on Saturday as there is a special shopping day when they will take the shoppers around in a limousine from shop to shop and there is a week’s stay in a Mayfair Penthouse up for grabs in the raffle they are holding, so go over and have some fun.

Check it out at

Interesting Interview

July 28, 2008

Saturday is busy for most people, me included, but I had agreed to an interview with a couple of businessmen in sl that I had been trying to catch up with for ages, it’s the time zone thing again, they are five hours behind me as they come from the States.  Anyway I had arranged with one of them for a 2pm slot, my time, and made sure I was on line in plenty of time as I hate being late.  as 2pm came I contacted one of them and found that they had changed their mind and not set any time aside for me after all, as they were busy with SL customers, so that was a no go for me.  Drax came over to my office and I sat discussing it with him when I got an IM through from someone I had heard from earlier and had put her off thinking I would be going ahead with the scheduled interview.

Her name is OWOA Galicia and she had wanted to interview me about media in SL and the laws or lack of them, regulating it.  After Drax left she came over for a chat and we had an interesting interview.  She is taking her Masters degree in journalism and seems to be very on the ball with her impressive looking website.  You can read her interview with me at:

Welcome Hibiscus and Artist Akibe

July 25, 2008

I  really enjoy my job at the Daily Mail blog ‘Virtually London (Lite)‘ and I have been working really hard, as well as trying to keep up with reports for CNN, it’s been a lot of writing (but I am getting quicker!!).  Nikk my boss gave me instructions to see if I could contact some other writers for the London site and I’m thrilled to bits to say that wonderful Hibiscus Hastings, a brilliant CNN reporter has joined me.  Hib will be sharing my office, so pop up and see us if you are passing.  Hib has already written one great story for the blog!  Welcome Hibiscus, I am looking forward to some great times together as we prowl the streets of London looking for tasty stories!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Japanese graphics Artist Akibe Sixgallery the other day and his work is beautiful and so original.  We had a slight problem as we spoke through a translation system, but Akibe was very nice and I enjoyed looking at his work.  See the full story on

Wonderful Gift from Lone Star Ranch

July 24, 2008

I had a brilliant meeting with  Zephyr Pennell and Jahdo Ohtobide the other day as they showed me round the Lone Star Ranch and took me flying over the Ise of Wyrms introducing me to the life of Dragons in SL (See whole story on  Zephyr, from whose Lone Star Ranch I had already bought my beloved horse Colin, had previously given me my black stallion Del.  She kindly gave me one of her latest horses, a Gypsy Vanner, who is absolutely gorgeous.  She didn’t stop there either, she gave me a beautiful white unicorn as well.

I am now in the process of choosing names for them.  Thank you Zephyr, you are a star!!!

Monsters and Robots Magical SL

July 22, 2008

Although I love talking to people, sometimes I just want to stand and listen among strangers, it’s sort of being alone but not alone and therapeutic in a strange way, like being in a theatre where you can watch people but not have to interact with them if you don’t want to.  Well Ahern is a bit like that, there are regulars that turn up but lots of people pass through who are newbies and strangers.  It can have it’s very amusing times as so many different types of avatars arrive.  The other day was one of those times.  It started with a wonderful robot figure, quite gallant but strange looking, kneeling in front of me, he stayed there for some time, not speaking but just still.

After he had gone a strange Monster called ‘Spider Monkey’ started walking towards me, he must have thought that I was his dinner because be tried to chew me, but his teeth must have been blunt because he didn’t leave any marks and I survived.

He gave up and walked away to find another victim who was a bit more tasty!!  Then this colossal robot appeared, maybe the biggest I have seen anywhere, he filled the whole of the middle arena.

He took off high above the meeting area and hovered there.  I suppose I couldn’t resist any more and the reporter side of me took over as I decided to follow him to ask him who he was, so I flew up after him.  I hovered in front of him and asked him what he was doing and other friendly type of chat, but no, he didn’t want to talk.  I noticed another poor av near us who had a green ‘newbie’ label attached to him that he could not shake off, he looked thoroughly miserable as he flew off into the distance with the label in hot pursuit.

I decided to leave the circus and head off home for a bit of real peace and quiet, only in SL could you meet Monsters and Robots and all the wonderful creatures that lurk in peoples minds.

What’s That You Say? You Never Read a Newspaper?

July 20, 2008


I often go to my Office in the DM&GT building to write my stuff, it’s a nice peaceful place, although it’s great to have visitors drop in as well.   I have come across a few people who have a preference for daily newspapers and all well and good, they are entitled to their own views and political slants the same as I am.  Trouble is when they come in to attack the Daily Mail and then can’t argue back because, for one they have never picked up a copy to read it, and two they don’t actually read any other papers to compare with it, it’s a bit strange to have preconceived ideas like that.  I just had this discussion with an ‘Ex Guardian’reader, whatever that means.  Trouble is, it seemed he wanted to punch someone which isn’t pretty, makes you wonder how full of illogical hatred some people feel for people they haven’t even met, as well as strong objectionable opinions on something they haven’t even bothered to read properly.

[7:34]  Ludvig : hi – this is the hub of associated newspapers?

[7:34]  You: yes Daily Mail group

[7:34]  You: its ok you can look round

[7:34]  Ludvig : thanks – any chance of punching dacre whilst i’m here?

[7:35]  You: sorry ? lol

[7:35]  You: punching dacre?

[7:35]  Ludvig : paul dacre – editor of the daily mail?

[7:35]  You: oh sorry wouldn’t think so lol

[7:36]  You: don’t you like the Mail then?

[7:36]  Ludvig : not really – it lives up to its rep

[7:36]  You: well all the papers are a bit like that

[7:37]  Ludvig : the mail is a particularly disapproving paper

[7:37]  You: lol oh well everyone is different

[7:37]  You: I work for them here so I’m biased lol

[7:40]  Ludvig : hope you have nothing to do with that pr puff nonsense – the london ‘paper’ – what has britney done today…etc …semi-literate txts on idiotic topics…not really an adult read

[7:40]  You: well I do think the Mail is an all round paper, though some magazine stuff, yes, but also a good political insight

[7:41]  You: what do you normally read?

[7:41]  Ludvig : news wires on line and the new stateman – ex-guardian reader – nuff said about them…

[7:41]  You: oh right

[7:42]  You: so you haven’t actually picked up a Mail and read it for a while, mind you on line stuff is good up to the minute

[7:42]  You: they are all on line now


As he didn’t actually know what he read I thought I would change the subject and see if he was a usual London sim visitor


[7:42]  You: you been to the London sim before?


No joy there though, things must have got a bit too hot for him with our discussion and he poofed away without even a goodbye. 


[7:43]  You: thats a no then


Come back Ludvig and have a proper discussion if you can!!! oh and leave the punching out of it please. By the way, I noticed that you had a go about ‘semi literate texts’ but can’t use a capital letter where it’s needed!!