Posh Party and Meeting Papper

I teleported over to my office on Saturday and as I glanced out of the window I spotted this massive building that had appeared over the road.  I decided to go and have a look.  It is one of the most luxurious places I’ve seen, great stairs lead up to a grand hall, marble floors with ornate handrails.  There was a picture on the wall of two guys and a notice board at the bottom of the stairs saying Wedding Anniversary of Kirk and Maddox.  Big displays of white roses had been put all round and it looked liked they were getting ready for a big celebration. 

I jumped in the lift and went up to the roof garden, what a beautiful place, there was even a peacock walking about and he opened his tail feathers just to show me how pretty he was.

Drax came on line and I asked him to come over and look at the roof garden and building, it was getting dark by the time he arrived, but the view of the rooftops is really nice from up there.

When I took Drax into the hall to show him how beautiful it was, one of the guys in the picture arrived. We said hello to Kirk and he was really friendly, he told us the party was starting at 11 o’clock the next day.  He said we could look round which was really nice of him.  Well the following day when I went over to my office I could hardly move, the lag was so bad, and then I saw why, the party was well under way and the place was crowded, someone told me after that there were 72 people there at one stage, it’s a wonder the sim didn’t crash out.  I didn’t go across but took some pictures of the ‘do’ and it looked as if they had a great time.

I sent a message to Kirk and asked if I could put a small report on the London blog and he said of ‘course I could’ so I just put a congratulations article on there.  London friend Kwame contacted Maddox afterwards and arranged an interview with them both for me next week, so I’m looking forwards to meeting them both properly.  He told me that the building was one of the ‘Virgin’ group buildings, and yes it does exist in real life.

Talking of interviews, I have just published a report about a great photographer called Papper Papp who has an exhibition in her Mayfair Gallery.  Papper was lovely to interview and so passionate about her work.  You can catch her story at http://sllondon.blogspot.com/




2 Responses to Posh Party and Meeting Papper

  1. wowsers! Looks like a great do! My kid sister arranges posh dos for foriegn government officials and I always imagine they are like this 😀

  2. Nice job! quite nice to see how the other half live 🙂 Kwame said that there were a lot of VIPs at the party, so I hope to find out more when I chat to Kirk and Maddox next week sometime, be interesting to see who was on the guest list, they all looked very well turned out for SL.

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