Cher’s in London Town and CNN Chat

Met my mate Cher in London sim the other day and we looked round for shops for rent for Cher to open his 6th store.  Cher’s designs are awesome and he is certainly working hard at his designs and enterprises.  We had great fun looking round and he finally rented one near Harrods and not far from my houseboat.  I bought some outfits from him as well, they are beautiful and just what I wanted.  You can catch the full story at

I went over to the CNN meeting yesterday and there were quite a few people dropping in, including a couple of avs I hadn’t seen before.  I don’t know if its me being English, but I sit there getting very frustrated that we go to talk about the subject Nicole has said we are going to talk about, then someone talks all over her changing the subject and then they keep chipping in, so we never talk about what Nicole had in mind.  See I think this is very rude, but perhaps its a culture thing, as other cultures may think a ‘free for all’ discussion is ok.  Some clearly go there just to promote what they are doing and fill the whole text up repeating their own agenda over and over.  Others turn up on a fairly regular basis with no intention of putting a report in, or hardly ever, saying how busy they are with other things, then having a list of SL stories that they think the rest of us should go charging off with and do all the work.  I sort of lost my temper last night, one av was even rude enough to let off a particle cloud which was supposed to be a bomb when Nicole was trying to talk, she has a lot more patience than me, I think I would have ejected him away had I had control over the sim.  Headburro left early and I was thinking I should have done the same, instead I started bickering back saying they should all write something, sorry Nicole, makes me as bad as them!!!


7 Responses to Cher’s in London Town and CNN Chat

  1. Awww, I’m sort sorry I missed it now, but RL is mucho busy at the mo with family visiting and the like.

    Mind you, I don’t think the iReport team much like the iReporters sorting out trouble-makers or idiots. Just wish they would as the meetings would be far more coherrent if people stopped just butting in.

    Sigh. I sound like a right old fart 😦 I’ll be moaning about kids on the streets playing curby next.

  2. Drax Ember says:

    Sounds a bit frustrating. People who show and are serious about their reporting probably feel as though the wannabe’s are wasting everyone’s valuable time. Glad you give the posers a piece of your mind!

  3. Even after the meeting one of them spammed the IM channel saying they had a story that we should check out. I had a go on there as well, think they should ‘put up’ or shut up!

  4. Drax Ember says:

    Did you ask them if their keyboafingers were broken? Or maybe why couldn’t they get off their duffs and write it themselves?

  5. Yes I did say that it would be good for them to write it as we have our own stories to do. Think its a control thing, they whistle and we are supposed to come running.

  6. HBA says:

    I’ve never been intersted in taling on someone else’s stories. If someone comes up and says “Here’s a snippet or place I think you’ll like” that is different, but just to have people say “here are my stories, please write them for me” isn’t really what I do.

    As you have shown again and again over the past few months, there are enough stories out there to keep people going but you have to be prepared to damn work hard to get them all down and in. Hell, I bet you feel like you’ve got a full time job at the moment 😀

  7. Yes I am putting a lot into the Virtually London (Lite) site (I’m bushed at the moment, lol) as I want it to be a success, the pace is awful at present though, I’m hoping that some other people will contribute once its got off the ground properly. I feel its worth working hard as it’s the beginning and it will be nice if the DM decide to keep it going.

    I don’t mind people informing me about stuff that’s going on, as you can get some good stories like that and I always thank them for letting me know, but it’s an attitude thing, the momentum of the people I am talking about, as if you are at their beck and call to go rushing over somewhere so they can take the credit for your hard work. There again, I only do stories that interest me and what I think will interest or benefit others, I have to like what I’m writing about or feel there is a reason to write it.

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