Murray Mayhem!!

Like to wish all our American cousins a happy 4th July yesterday, and I hope they all had a good time celebrating in real life and in SL.   Murray was packed last night and we all stood round chatting, even my mate Headburro turned up in his human guise which you don’t see very often (still love the red hair Head!).  As usual I stood answering a few IM messages whilst trying to keep up with the conversation locally.  I noticed Cher telling me to come and join the group for a photo and I saw that he had rezzed a big throne, so I went over to join the gang.

We all had a real laugh, Murray was buzzing!! As with all objects rezzed there, the throne disappeared after a while and we all laughingly fell to the ground.  It was getting late for us Brits anyway, so we were thinking about logging off.  Just as I was about to go, some Stars and Stripes boxes appeared in great numbers, flooding the area, must have been part of the USA celebrations going on.  I zoomed up out of the way and took this misty looking pic of Murray which I thought showed it in all its beauty, SL really is getting good for graphics.


2 Responses to Murray Mayhem!!

  1. drax ember says:

    That looks like a great view from up high Wish I could have been there, as it looks like you all had a wonderful time!!!!

  2. Yes some good times in Murray with good friends!!! wished you had been there too 🙂

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