CNN Video Editor and Poets of Zarahemla

Last night at the usual weekly meeting with CNN Nicole told us that they had a special meeting today with guest speaker real life CNN Video Editor Tony Whaley.  He appeared as his avatar guise as Moxy Barracuda (very classy name!!!).  It was quite a turn-out with lots of people asking questions who were interested in making films in SL as well as real life.  Moxy (Tony) was very interesting and works with some speed to get those films edited and out for the news.  He works for a program called ‘Inside Middle East’ and it was great to hear how he and the team deal with the large amount of media they receive to get the final result.  That’s Moxy on the left sitting with the ever handsome Raveon iReport who led the floor.

The picture below is one of the avatars who came to the meeting to listen to Moxy, I wasn’t sure who she was, but she had more rabbit than Tescos!  (only in the pretty bunny rabbit way, I don’t think she said much (to all my American friends ‘rabbit’ means when someone ‘rabbits on’, ‘has a lot of bunny’ talks too much, blimey comes to something when my jokes are getting so bad I have to explain them!!))

I had a great interview with a lady called Ingeborg, who, with Seth and Mathoni, runs the Poets of Zarahemla Group in SL.  Ingeborg is truly inspirational both in real life and in SL.  You can read the full interview at;jsessionid=0C377B18D1EC2026FED391DC94094BF1


4 Responses to CNN Video Editor and Poets of Zarahemla

  1. HBA says:

    Hiya – I would have loved to to come that CNN meeting – what time was it for us in Blighty?

  2. Hi Head, yes you would have liked it as you are into the movie side of things and Nicole did mention that you sent a great movie in to CNN at the meeting, which was nice. It was 5pm our time and I only just got there before it started. They are usually about 5pm and there is another one coming up soon with a CNN Photographer so that should be interesting as well.

  3. HBA says:

    Damn – 5pm is no good for me – earliest I can do is 6pm and that would really get in the way of The Boy’s timetable 😦

  4. Might be worth you emailing Nicole or Raveon to see if they can make it a little later for these types of interviews, thats way too early for most Americans as well, right in the middle of their working day. Although they have to do it while they are working so it’s all a bit awkward with the timing.

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