Captive’s lovely Garden and Promotion

I joined the gang in Murray last night and we all stood round talking, like you do.  My little friend Nazna was there and she suddenly offered me something to wear.  I thanked her and tried it on, and it was a lovely new hairstyle, just my colour as well, quite posh, so it will be nice for when I go dancing and stuff.  Thanks Naz you are a star!!

I was chatting to Captive and she said she was going back to her place to make her garden more wierd.  Well, intrigued I asked her what she meant and she said I could come and look, so I teleported over to her place to see.  I rezzed into the most beautiful garden I have seen in SL, fairlyland! and her house too, was in exquisite taste.

Captive has a good eye for putting stuff together, its a real romantic garden and so pretty.

Changing the subject completely I had a lovely surprise today, I have been promoted by the Daily Mail’s ‘Virtually London (Lite)’ site to Editor and I’m now able to pay other people to write interesting stories about SL London. Any of you ‘newshounds’ out there fancy putting a story forward I would be please to receive them, plus a photograph or two to go with it. (Forward your story to me on a note card ‘inworld’   If the story is accepted (and there is a standard of acceptance) then you will be paid 400 Lindens, remember though, it can be about anything you like as long as it’s related to the London sims).  Any queries please contact me inworld also.


5 Responses to Captive’s lovely Garden and Promotion

  1. drax ember says:

    Congrats to Editor Bracken! Nice ring to it, eh? Well deserved Janey!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Drax, it means so much to me that you are there for me, we’ll have to go out and celebrate with a bottle of virtual bubbly!!!!

  3. HBA says:

    Brilliant news mate! Well deserved too – Is Nick leaving to do other things? And do you get a bigger office!?!

  4. No Nikk is still there to guide me I’m glad to say, he is very busy with the rl job though. Fancy sending a London story in Head? with your writing, photography/film making skills it would be a great article 🙂

  5. HBA says:

    LOL – I promise I will try and make time in the next week or two – we have the house back to ourselves now so I have a bit more time (I hope!)

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