Great Gig and Posh Catwalk Fashion

Well my feet haven’t touched the ground lately, seem to have so much going on!  My boss invited me over to his sim ‘Tribute Island’  There are a number of live gigs going on over there and the one that night was a tribute to Eva Cassidy by Cynthia Rutabaga a professional real life singer. 

Cynthia has a beautiful voice and she was a pleasure to listen to as she sang some of Eva’s songs as well as some of her own.  Wasn’t long before my boss Nikk was up and dancing with Tetanus his pet rat clinging to his shoulder, don’t think Tetanus minded though, he looked like he was enjoying the boogying as well.

It was the second gig of the LIVE MUSIC SEASON at Tribute Island, sponsored by, in association with Prim Perfect Magazine and Radio Riel.

 Then last night I had an invite from Maddox Dupont and Kirk Claymore to attend a Fashion show at their KMADD Enterprise sim.  The show was due to start at 11pm my time and I planned to go 10 minutes early so as not to miss the start, but when I tried to teleport I couldn’t get there as the sim was full showing 70 people.  After numerous attempts I did manage to get there and what a fabulous place it is.  The luxurious room was packed and the models were strutting their stuff up and down the red carpet to Kirk’s description of the gowns along to a smooth jazzy selection of music which ideally suited the occasion.  The show was for dress designer Leezu Baxter’s collection and a fantastic collection it was, each dress brought a wow from the audience.  I must admit there were a few gowns that I fancied there, some really gorgeous posh frocks!!!

I have to catch up with Kirk and Maddox for an interview with them.  I’d like to thank them for inviting me to the Fashion show, though, as I really enjoyed it.


3 Responses to Great Gig and Posh Catwalk Fashion

  1. HBA says:

    Wow – that last frock is amazing!

  2. Drax Ember says:

    Looks like you had a lot of fun at Tribute Island – I wouls love to hear her sing sometime!

  3. We have a couple of live gigs to catch up on, will be great to go together in the near future 🙂

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