Bastille Day and Fancy Dress

I had great fun reporting on Bastille Day in the London sims yesterday.  The Directors wanted people to turn up in period costume as there were events going on in the sim all day, plus competitions for best dressed etc.  I went out shopping but couldn’t find anything that I liked.  In the end I spotted a free tricorn hat in one of the stores so decided to dress down and be a peasant.  That way I could ride my horse round as well without the skirt being a problem.

You can see the full story at  I went out again this morning to see my good friend Monet and to pay for the ticket to see ‘The Shop Must Go On’ which is being staged in her wonderful replica of the Titanic on Friday.  When I turned up still in my peasant’s gear, minus the hat!! I felt a bit under dressed, Monet had the beautiful gown on that she is wearing on Friday to show me, she looked so elegant and lovely, mind you she is an elegant person and one of those people who always looks stylish and chic. Don’t suppose she will mind me giving you a peep at her outfit.

Monet told me that she would like us all to dress in period costume for the occasion, which is a Charity ‘do’ ‘Run for Life’, so I decided to go out shopping again as I couldn’t turn up as a peasant on the Titanic!  Well you wouldn’t believe it, I stumbled upon another free hat this morning, so I was dead chuffed, then I found a lovely William Morris print dress which I fell in love with and bought the tapestry slippers to match, so I’m all ready now for Friday.

Anyone interested in going to see the show should contact Monet Fitzgerald ‘in world’ before Friday.


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