Cosy Murray, Cher’s Houses and Nala

Murray can be a cold, lonely place if you teleport there and it’s just an empty deserted landscape with a few trees scattered here and there.  However, people make all the difference and when the regular ‘Murray Family’ are there they make it warm and inviting.  I arrived yesterday to see a great campfire with people toasting marshmallows and having a lovely time sitting and chatting round the blazing fire.  I joined them for a while and it was nice just to sit and relax for a bit, as I’ve been working hard lately collecting stories for the Virtually London (Lite) blog.


Later on I got a message from Cher asking me if I’d like to come over and have a look at his new courtyard with 5 houses that he has just built.  Cher has recently purchased some more land at his Neon Nights Complex and it is a really great place to visit with the club and shops.  Now Cher is a fantastic builder and the houses are really nicely done.

We were joined by Cher’s new assistant Tyralynne Skytower who is settling in and told me that she loves the job at Cher’s place.  Cher is going to rent the houses out and it’s a nice spot overlooking the sea, so anyone interested in renting a house with great shops and the club nearby would find this ideal.  Some rental places are purely residential and it does get a bit lonely, with Cher’s place you have lots of things going on so it’s a lively place to live.


Earlier in the day I had been to see Nala Tenk, who is the Director of the SL Mayfair sim, to take her photo.  I had interviewed her the other day for the Virtually London (Lite) blog and we had a good old chat.  Nala is really nice and works very hard, as all the SL London Directors to, do make it a great place to visit.  Nala has been responsible for holding Art Fairs and lots of other things in the sim and is always there to help newbies and older avatars alike.  You can catch our interview at the blog.


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