What’s That You Say? You Never Read a Newspaper?


I often go to my Office in the DM&GT building to write my stuff, it’s a nice peaceful place, although it’s great to have visitors drop in as well.   I have come across a few people who have a preference for daily newspapers and all well and good, they are entitled to their own views and political slants the same as I am.  Trouble is when they come in to attack the Daily Mail and then can’t argue back because, for one they have never picked up a copy to read it, and two they don’t actually read any other papers to compare with it, it’s a bit strange to have preconceived ideas like that.  I just had this discussion with an ‘Ex Guardian’reader, whatever that means.  Trouble is, it seemed he wanted to punch someone which isn’t pretty, makes you wonder how full of illogical hatred some people feel for people they haven’t even met, as well as strong objectionable opinions on something they haven’t even bothered to read properly.

[7:34]  Ludvig : hi – this is the hub of associated newspapers?

[7:34]  You: yes Daily Mail group

[7:34]  You: its ok you can look round

[7:34]  Ludvig : thanks – any chance of punching dacre whilst i’m here?

[7:35]  You: sorry ? lol

[7:35]  You: punching dacre?

[7:35]  Ludvig : paul dacre – editor of the daily mail?

[7:35]  You: oh sorry wouldn’t think so lol

[7:36]  You: don’t you like the Mail then?

[7:36]  Ludvig : not really – it lives up to its rep

[7:36]  You: well all the papers are a bit like that

[7:37]  Ludvig : the mail is a particularly disapproving paper

[7:37]  You: lol oh well everyone is different

[7:37]  You: I work for them here so I’m biased lol

[7:40]  Ludvig : hope you have nothing to do with that pr puff nonsense – the london ‘paper’ – what has britney done today…etc …semi-literate txts on idiotic topics…not really an adult read

[7:40]  You: well I do think the Mail is an all round paper, though some magazine stuff, yes, but also a good political insight

[7:41]  You: what do you normally read?

[7:41]  Ludvig : news wires on line and the new stateman – ex-guardian reader – nuff said about them…

[7:41]  You: oh right

[7:42]  You: so you haven’t actually picked up a Mail and read it for a while, mind you on line stuff is good up to the minute

[7:42]  You: they are all on line now


As he didn’t actually know what he read I thought I would change the subject and see if he was a usual London sim visitor


[7:42]  You: you been to the London sim before?


No joy there though, things must have got a bit too hot for him with our discussion and he poofed away without even a goodbye. 


[7:43]  You: thats a no then


Come back Ludvig and have a proper discussion if you can!!! oh and leave the punching out of it please. By the way, I noticed that you had a go about ‘semi literate texts’ but can’t use a capital letter where it’s needed!!


16 Responses to What’s That You Say? You Never Read a Newspaper?

  1. HBA says:

    I don’t think anything in the papers actually happens – I mean, even my local paper carries all manner of rubbish and I look out my window and see nothing – just peace and quiet. I think newspapers are really windows to alternate realities. Not good ones either.

    /me gives up and stares hard at page 3 hoping to fall in…

  2. Pinkie Delcon says:

    What do people read these days?
    I believe newspapers have lost there dominance in the news arena. More and more people are finding other ways to stay informed and in touch. Though everything you read is biased, be it in a newspaper, net or any other.
    At the end of the day if you can read between the lines, not take every word as gospel and make up your own mind, you won’t go wrong.

  3. HBA says:

    Bloody hell Pinks – where did that come from? Go The Pinks! And Page 3, obviously.

  4. scientia potentia est (knowledge is power). Having knowledge and using your judgement by looking at all sides of the argument, not only from one source, but many, is the only way to keep the country you are living in as a democracy. Ask the poor people of Zimbabwe if they would like freedom of speech and the ability to change things if they could, they would love the chance to find out what decisions are being made for them and being able to lobby against it if it is detrimental to them. I doubt if they would take the attitude that not knowing what is happening is in their best interest. This guy came in saying he wanted to punch someone, why is his opinion the only one that matters? why was he so angry? why the violence? he had no knowledge of what was in the paper as he did not read it, like a lot of people in these times they do not take the time to sit down and listen to each others points of view. By letting everyone express their own points and not shouting people down if they don’t agree with them is the only way forward, who knows we might even end up finding that we all have the same goals, a country where everyone is given a fair crack of the whip and where kids can grow up to a great future.

  5. HBA says:

    You running for Mayor of Cornwall?

  6. Only thing I’m running for is common sense and a country where good, hard working, law abiding people are respected instead of being treated with derision.

  7. HBA says:

    LOL – you need France then 😉

  8. Think you will find most of Europe have similar problems too!!!

  9. HBA says:

    Nooooooooo – don’t say… not… America!!!!!

  10. If you read the news you would know lol

  11. HBA says:

    lol – maybe, maybe…

  12. Think he is right that not a lot of politics are discussed in SL, after all not a lot of in depth conversations go on with most avs anyway, beside what they had for breakfast, whats on tv and where they can earn some money.

    SL is still a good forum for people to discuss stuff like that, if they wanted to of course. Life would be boring without the opposition. It’s a shame though, that the people doing the pointless aggressive attacking only do that because they have nothing to evidence their own opinions with, or don’t know why they feel like that, so choose to hang, draw and quarter people who don’t agree with them in case they lose the argument. No one person is a hundred per cent right and we can all learn from each other, if only they are prepared to listen, instead of shouting and screaming, it’s a shame that people feel so much hatred that any logic is left way behind. All I did was work for a paper I like, so what? if any other av had gone to work for, say The Daily Mirror or the Guardian, I’d have said ‘well done mate’ right at the beginning and thought nothing of it, I’d have been happy for them and still would be.

  13. Drax Ember says:

    I thoroughly agree! All too often you see people throw verbal hand grenades that attack the character or soul of someone else rather than a reasoned arguement. Once someone starts the name calling and insults it’s almost a sure sign that either they don’t have the logic to back up their beliefs or that they are too consumed by preconceived bias to look at the matter objectively.

  14. You are so right!! I see, as ever, we share the same thoughts, and I know you do think things through thoroughly, from all aspects, before expressing your opinion, I for one won’t put up with the name calling and accusiations from anyone, I’ll always ask people to explain themselves and ask them the meanings of the insults they so freely throw about.

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