Monsters and Robots Magical SL

Although I love talking to people, sometimes I just want to stand and listen among strangers, it’s sort of being alone but not alone and therapeutic in a strange way, like being in a theatre where you can watch people but not have to interact with them if you don’t want to.  Well Ahern is a bit like that, there are regulars that turn up but lots of people pass through who are newbies and strangers.  It can have it’s very amusing times as so many different types of avatars arrive.  The other day was one of those times.  It started with a wonderful robot figure, quite gallant but strange looking, kneeling in front of me, he stayed there for some time, not speaking but just still.

After he had gone a strange Monster called ‘Spider Monkey’ started walking towards me, he must have thought that I was his dinner because be tried to chew me, but his teeth must have been blunt because he didn’t leave any marks and I survived.

He gave up and walked away to find another victim who was a bit more tasty!!  Then this colossal robot appeared, maybe the biggest I have seen anywhere, he filled the whole of the middle arena.

He took off high above the meeting area and hovered there.  I suppose I couldn’t resist any more and the reporter side of me took over as I decided to follow him to ask him who he was, so I flew up after him.  I hovered in front of him and asked him what he was doing and other friendly type of chat, but no, he didn’t want to talk.  I noticed another poor av near us who had a green ‘newbie’ label attached to him that he could not shake off, he looked thoroughly miserable as he flew off into the distance with the label in hot pursuit.

I decided to leave the circus and head off home for a bit of real peace and quiet, only in SL could you meet Monsters and Robots and all the wonderful creatures that lurk in peoples minds.


3 Responses to Monsters and Robots Magical SL

  1. drax ember says:

    OMG that newbie tag was hilarious!

  2. Haha, yes I got out quickly before I got stuck with it, can you imagine!!!

  3. HBA says:

    Wowsers – nice av – that’s huge!

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