Wonderful Gift from Lone Star Ranch

I had a brilliant meeting with  Zephyr Pennell and Jahdo Ohtobide the other day as they showed me round the Lone Star Ranch and took me flying over the Ise of Wyrms introducing me to the life of Dragons in SL (See whole story on http://www.ireport.com/people/JaneyBracken)  Zephyr, from whose Lone Star Ranch I had already bought my beloved horse Colin, had previously given me my black stallion Del.  She kindly gave me one of her latest horses, a Gypsy Vanner, who is absolutely gorgeous.  She didn’t stop there either, she gave me a beautiful white unicorn as well.

I am now in the process of choosing names for them.  Thank you Zephyr, you are a star!!!


3 Responses to Wonderful Gift from Lone Star Ranch

  1. HBA says:

    Wow – they are gorgeous!

  2. Drax Ember says:

    Great looking animals! Can’t wait to ride through Hyde Park with you!!!!

  3. Yes, the horses are both lovely, Zephyr deserves to do really well, (as she is doing!!), Zephyr and Jahdo made me so welcome and I’m looking forward to going back to explore the Isle of Wyrms some more. And!!! you can explore it on horseback, there’s a new track to follow there. Looks like we will have lots of horse riding to catch up on Drax, should be great fun!

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