Interesting Interview

Saturday is busy for most people, me included, but I had agreed to an interview with a couple of businessmen in sl that I had been trying to catch up with for ages, it’s the time zone thing again, they are five hours behind me as they come from the States.  Anyway I had arranged with one of them for a 2pm slot, my time, and made sure I was on line in plenty of time as I hate being late.  as 2pm came I contacted one of them and found that they had changed their mind and not set any time aside for me after all, as they were busy with SL customers, so that was a no go for me.  Drax came over to my office and I sat discussing it with him when I got an IM through from someone I had heard from earlier and had put her off thinking I would be going ahead with the scheduled interview.

Her name is OWOA Galicia and she had wanted to interview me about media in SL and the laws or lack of them, regulating it.  After Drax left she came over for a chat and we had an interesting interview.  She is taking her Masters degree in journalism and seems to be very on the ball with her impressive looking website.  You can read her interview with me at:


2 Responses to Interesting Interview

  1. Hi Janey,
    Thanks again for your time this weekend and the interview. It was great talking to you and learning from your experience.
    I’ll see you in SL!

  2. Hi Owoa,

    It was a pleasure meeting you! I found your web pages so very interesting, I will definately follow your blog from now on. Yes, see you in SL 🙂

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