Builder Mates and Mayfair Apartment

I was standing talking to Drax and suddenly got a message from Cher telling me he was in Murray saying his farewells to everyone as he is going on real life holiday for a week.  So we decided to go over and wish him a nice time.  Cher has branched out into making shoes recently, very nice they are too, I will probably get some next time I get paid.  Cher looked really different, his girl av looked so glamorous, not that he doesn’t always, but it was a new softer look with his hair pulled back and the beautiful black cocktail dress was really classy.  He told us that he was a little bit afraid of flying in real life and I hope he was ok on the trip out and we all wished him a great time and will miss him in SL till he gets back.

Roach and Treasure have been busy building as well, both of them are really good at it and a couple of day’s ago Treasure gave me and Drax a chair each that she had made.  It’s ideal for a modern home and really stylish.  In Murray the other night she showed us a sofa that she has just designed as well, she is going to sell them in Ruskin’s shop, so I hope she does very well.

Roach has also began to build houses, as well as other things, and he showed us his latest one (when you think about it SL is so funny the way you can just get a house out and show it around!!).  It was well designed and roomy inside and it had a really nice balcony which was wide enough to entertain all your friends.

While I think of it, it’s worth dropping into SL Mayfair on Saturday as there is a special shopping day when they will take the shoppers around in a limousine from shop to shop and there is a week’s stay in a Mayfair Penthouse up for grabs in the raffle they are holding, so go over and have some fun.

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3 Responses to Builder Mates and Mayfair Apartment

  1. HBA says:

    Good on Cher and Roach! I hope their businesses are bound for big things 🙂

    And I love the idea of a limo trip from shop to shop 😀 Well, not for me – you know how much i hate shopping – typical bloke! but it sounds dead glam! Is Pinkie going?

  2. Hi, yes the limo does sound good!! I haven’t seen Pinkie on line for a few days, it would be lovely if she could make it into sl Mayfair and do some shopping with me Saturday. Good to see you at the meeting last night, even if you did get ‘smoked’ out by Idle’s cigarette over that side 🙂

  3. HBA says:

    LOL – no worries – it was a good meeting, i thought but I had to drop out early to get the NC out before bed swallowed me up 🙂

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