Chelsea Apartment, Rock on Linc and Goths

I suppose I am a bit fickle, I change things all the time, well not all things, but lots of things, I see something new and that’s it, I want it!!  Much as I love my houseboat in Chelsea, my eyes have roamed elsewhere!!  Fellow Reporter and good friend Hibiscus Hastings ask me whether I had seen the new apartments in Chelsea as she is interested in renting one.  I had to admit although, of course, I have seen them from the outside, I hadn’t actually looked inside to view them.  Hib had made me curious, so I went over later on, and that was it! I loved the spacious rooms and the balcony overlooking the Thames.  I went mad and rented one for a week.  As they are filling up fast I won’t let Hib miss out, if she wants one she can take over mine, if there are none left.  SL being what it is, people move on and I’ll simply wait for another one to become vacant when someone stops paying the rent.  I have a feeling though, that I will be trying out other locations in the London sims as well to see what it’s like to live there.

I have written a lot this last week, even by my standards, and it’s just the way things worked out.  I got a call from Knibbel Cioc to come and see the new gigs on Linc Island, which turned out to be a real buzz.

The avatars at Linc are made to look like real life musicians, Led Zepperlin in this case and they rocked away to live tapes of the band, it was a good effect and people from the audience joined the stage with their guitars.  I had also been invited over for a preview of the opening of a new romantic Goth sim, I don’t know a lot about Goths, but the sim was well impressive and thanks to Neil for showing me round.  You can read both these reports at;jsessionid=07DB2C4D57077C305C268D01AC335493


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