Wheemzel and BengalTiger’s New Blog and Nazna’s Chair

I am so lucky in the fact that I have some very good friends in Second Life and one of my best ones is Wheemzel DeCuir.  Wheemzel has been a great encouragement to me in respect of my writing, as well as being a good friend who I can talk to in good and bad times.  When I first started this blog I wrote about Wheemzel and her husband BengalTiger’s sim ‘The Isle of Weems’ at Christmas time.  That was the first time I had met her.  Since then she told me about CNN starting in SL and persuaded me to sign up with them and I haven’t looked back since, going on to get the Editor’s job with Virtually London (Lite) and it’s all thanks to her.  So it was with great pleasure that I learned that Wheemzel and BengalTiger are starting their very own blog this week and I have the link in my ‘friends’ category on the right hand side of the page.  I am going to follow their blog with interest as I know how hard they work and what a wonderful contribution they make to Second Life.   Cheers Wheemzel and BengalTiger, wishing you every success with your new blog!!!!


I called back to Murray last night as Nazna offered me a teleport invitation and when I arrived Nazna and Mikiyo were sitting in a great Neko chair.  Nazna had the boxed chair in front of her and she rezzed one for me to sit on.  I made myself comfortable and sat down for a chat.  I decided to buy one and looks like little Naz may be going into business making furniture.  It was only 50 Lindens so if you see her, stop her and buy one, it’s a cosy place to sit with your loved one.


2 Responses to Wheemzel and BengalTiger’s New Blog and Nazna’s Chair

  1. HBA says:

    I gotta get me one of them there chairs!

  2. They are pretty unique just like Nazna!!!

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